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Meet the Instructor: Charry Morris

After discovering yoga, this former pro soccer player has finally found her balance.

For Plum Yoga co-founder Charry Morris, yoga has always been a critical component to her success. Morris, a former professional soccer player, has taught at numerous boutique fitness studios, spas, ski resorts, and gyms, ranging from Colorado to Ohio. “I have gone from my 20s to mid-40s, transitioning through life with the evolution of my yoga practice,” Morris said. “Every aspect of my ‘growing up’ has led me to build Plum Yoga.”

Shortly after moving to Dallas a few years ago, Morris met Rose Fitzgerald, Plum Yoga’s other co-founder. With similar life experiences and an appreciation for yoga in common, the duo clicked. They wanted to create a community where others could have similar experiences with yoga practice. “Plum is truly not about yoga,” Morris said. “It is about service. It is about understanding the human condition and empowering our lives.”

Get to know Morris, one of the minds behind the studio’s successful community concept.

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Why is yoga important to you?

Life, and living this life to its fullest potential, is important to me, and yoga is an efficient tool to do just that­—all the while keeping my body fit and mind relaxed. At the end of the day, yoga has brought friends into my life who I would not have met otherwise, and I am eternally grateful for that.

What does wellness mean to you?

To me, wellness is a blend of fluidity, grace, kindness, good health, and ease. We all want to feel light, physically and emotionally. We all know how good it feels to laugh with friends. We can achieve a state of happiness—or wellness—with consistent effort. I’ve found that the only way to stay motivated and continue working toward my wellness goals after many, many years, is to give my goals importance in my life. For me, being happy is worth working toward, a little bit, each and every day!

How do you live well?

Keep it simple and do what you love. When you love what you do, you will be passionate, and all the negativity will naturally fall away. I think that we make things too complicated; we need to let go and relax. When an athlete is at his or her peak performance, all tension is gone. The muscles are so well trained that it becomes effortless to move up and down the field, make the right move, and win the game mentally. When at the absolute peak of performance, time and space disappear for an athlete; it is complete moving meditation, and this is how life can be. To reach that level, we must train, practice, and make a daily effort.

Aside from Plum Yoga, what is your favorite workout in Dallas?

SoulCycle. I am so excited to have the concept in Dallas. My brother introduced me to SoulCycle, and now I have a fun way to get my endorphins flowing.

What is your favorite Dallas outdoor activity?

Watching my kids’ soccer games. The parents and coaches can get a little nuts with competitive soccer, so you never know what’s going to happen on those sidelines!

What is your yoga must have?

Receptivity. Many students today are experts at taking classes; they are chronic exercisers looking for entertainment. Students come in with unrealistic expectations of themselves, the teachers, the studio, and the class. They enter their classes with judgment, and it makes it difficult to enjoy yoga when one’s mind is in such a state. When students are open to new possibilities, there is an invigorating energy of happiness, peace and contentment.

What is your favorite yoga pose?

Savasana. It is the greatest antidote to stress and tension. It realigns the physical body and rests the mind. During Savasana, the real inner transformation and awakening begin.