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Inside the March Issue of D Magazine

Inside the world of Dallas' best spas. Plus, behind the scenes of Shark Tank and the business of Poo-Pourri.
By Cristina Daglas |

There are things many of us typically don’t discuss. Let’s call them unmentionables. Or perhaps a desire to be polite. Nudity at a spa? It comes with the territory. The fake factor of “reality” television? Why waste your breath? Bathroom business? Goodness gracious, no. Well, in the March issue of D Magazine, we break all of these rules, all for the sake of good stories.

Inwood Village’s Cooper Spa

To kick off the month, I headed out for a facial at Castle Spa, a Korean-style spa in Carrollton. For our “Top Spas” package, we (Tim Rogers even got in on the action) traversed the area for the best in hotel spas, freestanding spas, med spas, and spas worth a bit of traveling, and Castle made our list. But it didn’t come without a fair share of nudity and a bit of culture shock. It’s worth experiencing at least once.

Shark Tank's Season 5 Cast.
Shark Tank’s Season 5 Cast

For “Inside the Shark Tank With Mark Cuban,” senior editor Nancy Nichols set out to discover the inner workings of ABC’s hit Shark Tank. Why? Mark Cuban, of course. She shot Cuban an email with the ask, and soon after, Nichols was observing hours upon hours of Shark Tank taping in Los Angeles. What she came away with surprised us all—just how real it all is. What didn’t shock—Cuban’s mouth and hilarious remarks. It’s a good thing Nichols isn’t easily offended.

Poo-Pourri's Suzy Batiz. Photo by Elizabeth Lavin.
Poo-Pourri’s Suzy Batiz. Photo by Elizabeth Lavin.

In the making of this issue, in fact, we found that few of us are easily offended. Perhaps that’s because behind the curtain of D Magazine’s staff is a group of 13-year-old boys, a group that can laugh along to the bathroom humor that segment of the teenage population swears by. Because of this, “The Queen of the Can,” a story focused on the Dallas-based company that started in a garage and shot to success with the help of a viral video, proved an entertaining edit. Giggles abounded. Cringe-inducing but laugh-out-loud-worthy slang filled conversations. And serious talk occurred regarding what jokes to include in the story. The result is Michael J. Mooney’s fascinating piece on Poo-Pourri, a spray designed to eliminate odor before it can escape the toilet. And that’s where my description ends. Like I said, there are some things you  just don’t talk about. I’ll leave it to Mooney.

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