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Mayor Eric Johnson Wagers on Errol Spence Jr. Fight

His bet is with Omaha mayor Jean Stothert.

Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr. has already whupped Terence “Bud” Crawford when it comes to nicknames. At 7 p.m. on Saturday, Spence will step into a ring in Las Vegas and punch Crawford in the face to finish the job. To get ready for the big fight, first listen to our 2019 podcast with Spence. Then get all the change from your car’s cupholder, because it’ll cost you $85 to watch the beatdown on Showtime.

Which brings me to our mayor. Eric Johnson has made another one of those mayor bets. Last time he did this, it was a football bet with the mayor of Tampa Bay, and he wagered 6,000 Tiff’s Treats cookies, which I thought was dumb for several reasons. This time, he bet a belt buckle from Wild Bill’s Western Store. He didn’t specify which model, but the most expensive one I could find on their website is the $129 Silverton (pictured at top). Crawford is from Omaha, Nebraska, whose mayor is Jean Stothert (also pictured). She put up an assorted box of prime cuts from Omaha Steaks. You can spend more on other various boxes, but right now the Summer Sampler is $149.

You know what, folks? I’m perfectly OK with this. Would I have preferred a more creative wager based on humiliation and/or inconvenience? Yes, of course. After Crawford gets knocked out, I’d like Mayor Stothert to have to personally drive the 658 miles from Omaha to Dallas in a PT Cruiser to hand deliver a pair of Warren Buffett’s socks. But this wager is fine. It has my blessing.

Good work, Mr. Mayor.


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