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Venus Williams and Danielle Collins Will Face Off at SMU

They both have big backhands and small dogs.
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Melissa Romig

The Dallas Open returns to the Styslinger/Altec Tennis Complex at SMU February 4–12. This time, however, the opening event will be all about the women.

The inaugural Women’s Tennis Classic Showcase will start things off on Saturday, February 4, at 7 p.m. with a battle of the backhands between two Americans: former world No. 1 Venus Williams and current world No. 14 Danielle Collins.

I went to the men’s indoor ATP Tour 250 event last year and had a pretty good time, except for the fact that I dropped my phone under the bleachers when I stood up suddenly to offer my sushi box to a hungry-looking Jack Sock, who showed up to watch his buddy John Isner, whose match was actually pretty boring because it consisted entirely of unreturnable serves. Thankfully, Jack declined my halfhearted sushi offer, Rex Cuajunco squeezed under the tarp to retrieve my phone, and there was no line in the beer tent, where I enjoyed several cocktails with Tim’s wife.

The only problem with the Dallas Open is that it means the SMU courts are closed for drills for way too long, which means my wife doesn’t get her weekly dose of 105 with head women’s coach Jeff Nevolo and former team player Lexi Keberle. That makes her very sad. Which makes me very sad.

So to cheer us both up, here is a photo she took of Venus with her pup Harry at the U.S. Open back in 2017. Danielle loves dogs, too. I believe she has a boxer-pug-bulldog-beagle named Lola. Maybe you’ll see both of them at the event. My friend Monica saw Martina Navratilova’s miniature Dachshund, Lulu, at the WTA Finals in Fort Worth last month. Maybe she’ll be there, too. (Hey Martina, if you come, DM me. I know a great gluten-free Thai restaurant. Vegan red curry on me!)

Regardless, this is one match that absolutely, certainly, and without a doubt won’t be boring. (Go Venus!) Bonus: you don’t have to drive to Fort Worth. Get tickets here.


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