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Here’s Your SMU-TCU Pregame Reading

A Sports Illustrated deep dive into Sonny Dykes’ departure, featuring a rather pointed comment about why he left.
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Sonny Dykes used to lead the Mustangs out of the tunnel. Now they'll be marching out against him. Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday is going to be a lot. It always is when the Mustangs and Horned Frogs square off, but that’s especially the case with Sonny Dykes returning to SMU for the first time since taking the TCU job. The powder keg is so volatile that it even got the Sports Illustrated treatment via Ross Dellenger, who, for my money, is the best national college football writer doing it today.

And Dellenger deserves credit for getting Dykes, among many others, to open up about the most vitriolic coaching change in college football. That includes this juicy morsel from Dykes about leaving because of a perceived lack of investment in the program.

“The timing of things didn’t go as I thought. More than anything else, there was a little bit of a laissez-faire attitude. ‘We’ll get to this when we get to it!’ I didn’t feel like it was that big of a priority.

“‘If that’s the case and you’re not happy with it, then you need to take your ball and go play somewhere else.’ That’s kind of what I did.”

There’s a lot more in here, too—jilted boosters, a Lady and the Tramp GIF, and the sort of advertising that Le Bilboquet couldn’t pay for. (Plus there’s ex-TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte claiming Dallas is more like Atlanta than Texas, which come on, bro.)

It’s great. Read it. And if you’re a Mustang, get angry. If you’re a Horned Frog, get angry that they’re angry. Then try not to tear each other to pieces tomorrow morning, OK?


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