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Tennis Trivia! Where Is the Dallas Open Played?

This is a tricky question. Think it over.
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Yesterday we stumbled into what I think is a pretty good trivia question. Mike “The Looch” Piellucci was working on a post about the silliness of Mayor Eric Johnson’s campaign to bring an NFL franchise to Dallas proper (as opposed to Arlington). An early draft of the post contained language about how the Dallas Open is actually in University Park. You know, because the tournament is played at SMU’s mellifluously named Styslinger/Altec Tennis Complex, and everyone knows that nearly all of the SMU campus is in UP (with one building on the other side of Central, in Dallas).

So the trivia question is as follows: in which municipality is the Dallas Open played? And here’s how I think most people would screw up the question: “Well, it can’t be in Dallas, because then this wouldn’t be a good trivia question. Oh, I know! It’s played in UP, because that’s where SMU is. [thinks for a second] Hang the hell on. No, no, no. SMU’s tennis complex actually sits south of Mockingbird, which is the northern border of Highland Park. Bingo! I got it! The Dallas Open is played in Highland Park.”


I had to check with SMU’s PR folks yesterday to make sure I understood this correctly. Even they didn’t know off the top of their heads. The PR folks had to check with other folks. Eventually all those folks confirmed what Google Maps suggested: that triangular sliver of land under the tennis complex actually sits in Dallas. So the Dallas Open is, in fact, played in Dallas.

Isn’t this the most amazing thing you’ve read all week? You’re welcome.

P.S.: We’re trying hard (at least I am) to get The Looch to stick as a nickname for Mike. Do what you can to help.


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