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Go, Hawgs! Exclusive Courtside Interview With Nicole Musselman!

The sister of head coach Eric says their mom was the lucky charm.
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Cheer squad from last night's huge win, clockwise from left: Eric's sister-in-law Kim, wife Danyelle, daughter Mariah, mom Kristine, and sister Nicole Photo courtesy Nicole Musselman

Loyal FrontBurnervians know we’re a fan of Nicole’s. We did a profanity-filled podcast a couple weeks ago with her to talk about her new line of sneakers and about her family’s deep basketball ties. Both her dad and brother, Eric, were head NBA coaches. Eric is now the head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks, who, as you might know, won a huge upset game last night against Gonzaga. Last night was the first time that Eric’s mother, Kristine, got to see him coach the Razorbacks in person. Lucky charm? I got Nicole on the horn moments after the win to see if the family had lost all their brains over the win or just half their brains. Exclusive interview!


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