The Rangers Have To Be Better About LGBTQ+ Issues

The only team in the MLB without a Pride game or plans to have one failed their fans again.

Today is Spirit Day, a day devoted to bringing awareness to bullying and harassment of LGBTQ+ youth. For the most part, Major League Baseball is doing plenty to help the cause. As of this writing, every team has incorporated the color purple into its Twitter avatar, tweeted a specific message of support, or both.

The Rangers went the latter route — with one key distinction:

It’s hard to take that as accidental considering that the Rangers are the only team that has never hosted a Pride night, nor do they have any plans to. They’ve also demonstrated zero inclination to answer questions about it, as The Athletic’s Sam Blum learned while reporting this story last year for The Morning News.

The Rangers should be better about this. It’s not hard for the Rangers to be better about this. All they have to do is look at so many of their peers throughout the game and join in. And their fans are continuing to notice that they haven’t.


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