This is so stupid. I love it. Courtesy of Korked Bats


Join Me in Laughing at This Dumb Twitter Game About Jason Kidd’s Collar

Ever want to see a shirt collar consume the American Airlines Center? Now you can

Earlier this week, a Mavericks team photo of new head coach Jason Kidd hit the internet. It looked like this:

There are a lot of places you can take this, and friends, I assure you that the internet went to all of them, from Kidd’s general discomfort in front of the camera to the shirt itself. But a discerning eye can’t help but notice the collar. Why the hell is it so large?

I have no idea, but I’m glad it is because it led a Twitter account called @korkedbats to make the following offer:

The tweet is up to more than 32,000 likes at the time of publishing. So, would you like to see Jason Kidd’s shirt collar expand until crashes through the American Airlines Center roof like a giant ectoplasm? Of course, you would.

The account has promised to continue its expansion efforts this afternoon. I, for one, cannot wait to be subsumed by our new collar overlord.


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