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DMN Dunks All Over Brett Shipp’s Gotcha Rangers Stadium Story

Have you ever seen Vince Carter jump over that French guy? This is like the journalism version of that.
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When the son of noted local journalist Bert Shipp unveiled his big “What the Rangers DON’T want you to KNOW about their new stadium deal” report, alleging that the team is screwing over Arlington taxpayers to the tune of $300 million, I was skeptical. On the one hand, I was inclined to believe a sports franchise would scheme to shake some change out of Arlington residents’ pockets. On the other, Shipp the Lesser was involved. By some accounts, he’s a nice guy. By more accounts, he is a puffed-up blowhard who is regularly, almost habitually, on the wrong side of history. Was this Rangers story yet another time Shipp — who has worn Oakleys with a Croakies strap on them on camera, like he hosts a local fishing show — was wrong?

According to this Jeff Mosier jeans-punching, VERY MUCH YES. Nutshelling: Shipp suggested that Arlington taxpayers would end up shouldering 80 percent of the $1 billion load. Mosier’s math isn’t definite either, but

it’s possible that Arlington residents will pay for about 30 percent of the stadium, even when factoring in the parking and ticket taxes.

Read the whole thing, because it’s full of so much delicious (and correct, and necessary) side eye. Love you, Jeff.

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