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The Dallas Stars Can Save the NHL by Winning the Stanley Cup

All hockey fans should get themselves "an ugly green jersey," an ESPN writer says.
Learn to love their ugly logo?
Learn to love their ugly logo?

ESPN hockey writer Sean McIndoe bemoans the fact that scoring is down in the NHL, with the league considering rule changes to boost offense. He points to the conventional wisdom that a defense-first roster that plod its way through the playoffs has a better shot of winning a championship.

Whether or not it’s a sound strategy, it makes for a bunch of dull 1-0 games. His solution? All fans of the game should root for the Dallas Stars to win the Stanley Cup this year:

They’re a high-flying group built around offensive talent, one loaded with speed and skill that seems completely unafraid to play an aggressive style. What’s more, they’ve spent heavily on their goaltending, but it’s still not very good, and while they feature one of the best young defenseman in the game in John Klingberg, he’s an offensive blueliner who racks up points instead of blocked shots.

As of Wednesday morning, the Stars lead the league in goals per game, averaging 3.48. And at 2.60 goals-per-game allowed, they rank in the bottom half of the league. They’re a high-event team, one that makes for must-see TV whenever they take to the ice. An NHL in which 29 teams were all trying to be the Stars would be all sorts of fun.

And as a bonus, the Stars are one of the few teams in the league to have been built largely through trades. For you younger fans out there, “trades” are things that teams used to do to acquire good players, and they were great. These days, your favorite team’s GM probably whines endlessly about how trading is too hard. Jim Nill doesn’t have time to whine because he’s busy loading up on All-Stars.

Between swinging deals and filling nets, the Stars are a throwback to the very best of the good old days. But none of it matters if they don’t win it all. And that’s where you come in. Get yourself an ugly green jersey because you are a Dallas Stars fan now.