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Should You Get All Worked Up Over That Sex Show at the Dallas Convention Center?

Do you like sex?
By Tim Rogers |

You’ve probably heard by now about the August 7 Exxxotica Expo at the Dallas Convention Center. That Friday, for those interested, Dallas’ own Jenny Block will lead a seminar titled “O Wow! Discovering Your Ultimate Orgasm.” Over on the main stage, a performer called Rubber Doll will do her thing. Mike Mooney wrote about Rubber Doll in 2008 for the Miami New Times. You should read Mike’s story. It’s 1,600 words. It’ll give you a good idea of what goes on at an Exxxotica Expo (hint: power tools and dildos are involved).

At this point, you might be tempted to side with the Dallas Women’s Foundation, which sent a letter to Mayor Mike Rawlings saying that they are “deeply troubled” that the Exxxotica Expo is coming to our convention center. Before you make up your mind, though, I invite you to read this post by Jim Schutze. It’s a little over 1,000 words. I know I’m asking you to do a lot of reading. But Schutze goes after the Dallas Women’s Foundation in a way that I think you’ll find highly entertaining. His post might even convince you that this Exxxotica Expo isn’t worth getting all worked up over.

Me? I’m too focused on logistics to get bogged down in any moral or ethical concerns. The expo will be held at the Convention Center. But the host hotel is the Crown Plaza? As their site says, the expo takes place a “10 minute walk from host hotel!” The expo wraps up at midnight on Friday, 10 o’clock on Saturday. I’m thinking Belo Garden is the place to hang out. Should be an interesting parade.

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