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Leading Off (6/13/14)

Hazardous chemicals, a mistaken kidney removal, and a falling house.

Sessions, Hensarling Drop Bids to Be Majority Leader. Jeb Hensarling stepped aside first, saying the time wasn’t right. That left his fellow Dallas congressman, Pete Sessions, free to try to consolidate his support to win the No. 2 post in Republican leadership in the House of Representatives. But eventually he too gave up when it became clear that California Rep. Kevin McCarthy will win the job recently vacated by Eric Cantor of Virginia, who lost his primary bid for re-election. The national press needs to look into Frank Underwood’s involvement in this turn of events.

Texas Hides Hazardous Chemical Info. The Attorney General ruled in May that lists of hazardous chemicals stored by chemical makers and handlers should not be publicly accessible because that would reveal the location and amount of materials that could potentially be used to make an explosive weapon. But there’s a federal law that says the information has to be public, and neighboring states provide it upon request.

Man Sues Doctors For Removing the Wrong Kidney. You know that friend of yours who has a seemingly irrational fear of health care providers? So much so that even that time he almost fell down an open manhole and sliced the side of his leg badly and either sprained or fractured his ankle, he still refused to go to an emergency room, despite being fully insured? You know, the guy who walks with a limp now? After he reads about this case, yeah, he’s feeling pretty great about his life decisions.

House Falling Off Cliff to Be Set on Fire. A home was left teetering above Lake Whitney in Hill County following a landslide. What to do? The homeowners were given three choices: 1) Just let it fall into the lake when there’s another landslide, 2) Throw a large net around it and pull it away from the edge, or 3) BURN IT DOWN. They opted for letting it be consumed by flames. Makes sense, I guess, since it’ll let them get rid of the debris more easily than the other proposals. But aren’t they overlooking the most obvious solution?

TCU Heads to College World Series. The Frogs’ first game in Omaha is on Sunday against Texas Tech. The University of Texas at Austin is also competing in the eight-team, double-elimination national championship tournament.