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Jerry Jones Takes a Turn on 60 Minutes



In case you missed it, here’s the 60 Minutes segment on Jerry Jones. Me, I couldn’t help but concentrate on how much cosmetic work Jones has had. His teeth looked like the finest ivory money can buy. And I forget how much plastic surgery he’s had — until I see old video of the guy. Man, his face used to look different. As for what came out of his mouth, most of sentences were grammatically sound. Jones copped to a fear of going broke. I found that interesting. It made me really want to know what his balance sheet looks like. Sure, he’s worth $2 billion but only if he sells the team. I wonder where he stands month to month, though, with his obligations to the stadium. What happens if the players strike next season? I wonder how he’d take that financial hit.

Anyway, remember John Gonzalez, former Observer scribe? I remember John. We played on a basketball team together in a media league. Before a game one time, he punched me in the jaw. Great guy. Here’s what John thought of the 60 Minutes piece and the Eagles-Cowboys game.