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Join the Movement!

United Acts of Kindness, Inspired by First United.
By First United Bank |
First United Bank

United Acts of Kindness is taking place on February 17th. It’s on this day that we will attempt to bring over 300,000 acts of kindness to our communities in a single 24-hour period. You can be part of the movement by simply holding the door for someone, buying coffee for a stranger, or by phoning old friends to see how they are doing. There are so many ways to spread kindness.

Kindness has a powerful and positive effect on others. It has the ability to make people feel valued, appreciated, and cared for. Often, brightening their day. Acting with kindness, not only benefits the person we are being kind to, but we also benefit ourselves. Research has shown that engaging in acts of kindness increases feelings of happiness and well-being. It can even have physical health benefits.

Whether we’re helping those in need or simply spreading a little bit of joy and positivity, we can all play a part in creating a more compassionate and united world. Click here to learn how easy it is to spread a little kindness and to register your acts as we attempt to bring 300,000 acts of kindness to our community

Join the Movement today! #UnitedActsofKindness


First United Bank

First United Bank

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