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The Top Credit Loans with Guaranteed Approval In 2022

If you are looking for a loan but are worried about your approval due to bad credit, we have you covered.
By Blue Ribbon Group |
Blue Ribbon Group

Sometimes an instant loan can save us from a financial crisis, but bad credit history may cause problems. For example, a traditional bank would never grant a short-term loan on a small amount to anyone, and the borrower’s poor credit score can add to the situation.

With the surge of virtual loans, seeking money during a crisis has become easy for many people. Certain websites grant Bad Credit loans with guaranteed approval. It’s safe, easy, and can be taken at any hour from anywhere. 

As you read the article, you will know what those websites are and how they offer impeccable services to their clientele. Don’t believe us? Check out their official websites.

5 Best Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval

The best five virtual lending platforms of 2022, according to us, that provide quick short-term bad loans with guaranteed approval are:

  1. Money Mutual – Overall Best Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval
  2. Bad Credit Loans – Top Payday Lenders For No Credit Check Loans
  3. Rad Cred – Recommended Platform For Emergency Payday Loans
  4. Cash USA – Top Loan Company For Bad Credit Loans Online
  5. Personal Loans – Popular Personal Loans With Bad Credit

#1.Money Mutual – Overall Best Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval

Founded in 2010, originated in Las Vegas, NV, intending to provide financial assistance to those in need. Only after the Economic Well-being of the U.S.

Households reported that 4 out of 10 Americans hardly have $400 in a time of need; hence they recognized a need to serve the society at large, and that’s how Money Mutual was conceptualized.

The application process is simple and can be carried out by anyone. Money Mutual gets to work as soon as you fill in your credentials. A Bad Credit Score is not given much importance when considering loan approval.

You can apply for a loan for any purpose, be it an emergency, due medical bill, education loan, shopping, wedding or funeral, etc. On Money Mutual, you don’t need to explain in detail the reason for acquiring a loan. You can access the website at any time and from anywhere.

Loan terms and amounts are flexible and framed per the customer’s convenience.

They assure they guarantee approval to anyone in need of financial requirements. Apart from that, they assist borrowers with a poor credit history improve their credit score by connecting them with agencies that modify poor credit scores and provide credit monitoring and debt relief.

Below are the website’s highlights, pros, and cons; you can refer to them for clarity on the services provided.


Loan Amount

The loan amount sanctioned to the borrower varies between $200 and $5000.

Security and Associations

2048-BIT RSA secures Money Mutual. It has been certified secure by “Trusted Site”; it is a member of the Online Lender’s Association(OLA) and Community Financial Education Foundation(CFEF).

Review Process

As soon as you submit the form, the lenders review it to determine if they would like to approve you a loan. If your form is approved in the initial stage, the form is directly transferred to the lender’s website. Then, if the lender offers you a loan, you can further approve the terms and conditions.

Terms And Conditions

Loan terms are flexible and can be negotiated between the lender and the borrower.

Auxiliary Fees

Money Mutual refrains from charging additional fees for their services to their clients on form submission.

Form Editing

Once the form has been submitted, you cannot edit it. Instead, the Applicant must fill out a new form and submit it.

Eligibility Criteria

The borrower needs to be 18+, have citizenship or permanent residency, a valid checking account, an email address, a social security number, a mandatory income of $800, and the employer’s contact details.


  • Trusted by more than 2 million users
  • Safe borrowing and secure website
  • Large lender network
  • Money transferred within 24 hours
  • User-friendly website and application
  • A bad Credit Score of the borrower is not considered
  • No additional service charges
  • Short-term loans are available
  • Education provided to borrowers to understand the loan procedure
  • Final consent is of the borrower
  • Flexible terms
  • Customer-friendly services
  • Quick Money transfer within 24 hours


  • Service is not valid in the state of New York due to interest limits under New York Law
  • Not available in Connecticut
  • Once the loan is sanctioned, further assistance is not granted
  • The employer’s phone number is not compulsory

=> Click here to visit the official website “Money Mutual”

#2.Bad Credit Loans – Top Payday Lenders For No Credit Check Loans

Another well-known website that connects you with its responsive and efficient lender network is BadCreditLoans. They comprise a network of State Lenders as well as tribal lenders. Unfortunately, like other websites, they don’t enquire in detail about your reason for wanting to acquire a short-term loan.

It would be best if you matched its standard eligibility criteria, and you’re good to go. With an efficient customer care team that works round the clock 24/7 to provide the best services to their customers, Bad Credit Loans has been around for a long time. It started in 1998 and aimed to help those with financial needs acquire the desired finance.

With a user-friendly interface and various schemes, Bad Credit is one of the straightforward websites to use. In addition, they have educational articles for a new borrower to refer to so they can get some additional information about how this works.

Different kinds of loans offered on Bad Credit Loans are auto, mortgage, home, student, and credit cards. People with bad credit loans can apply for a loan on this website and be assured they will get a loan.

The only catch is that the APR can be slightly high, but you’re sorted if you can negotiate with the lender. They have secured the website with advanced encryption technology, and the only information they forward to the 3rd party marketing agents is your contact number. So you have nothing to worry about here.

Apply for a Loan on Bad Credit, and you will not be disappointed. You can refer to the pros and Cons below for more in-depth information on the services offered.


Additional Services

Additional services offered by Bad Credit Loans are education about loan processing, spending tips, budgeting future income to pay off loans, debt relief, credit monitoring, etc.

Loan Value

The amount offered by varies between $500 and $10,000.


The lender network comprises State lenders and Tribal Lenders. State lenders comply with the State and Federal laws, whereas Tribal Lenders comply with the provisions of Tribal laws.

They are also connected with third-party marketing partners that offer credit-related products or services.

Loan Duration and APR

The period to repay the loans varies between 3 months and 72 months. The APR varies between 5.99% and 35.99%.

Simple Procedure

Fill up the form and get connected with a lender. Once connected with the lenders, you can compare the options and complete the loan process. You can also review the non-loan offers to see if anything suits your requirement.


  • Access to multiple lenders
  • Easy application process
  • User-friendly website
  • Free services offered by the website
  • Poor credit score not taken into regard
  • Guaranteed approval for all
  • Soft Credit Pull
  • No collateral required
  • Huge lender network
  • The website is protected by advanced encryption technology
  • You can read educational blogs for future reference
  • Multiple loans offered
  • Customer-friendly services


  • Interest charged by tribal lenders is more compared to tribal lenders

=> Click here to visit the official website “Bad Credit Loans”

New in the market is RadCred, and it has been gaining popularity in no time. The services offered are very similar to the other lending websites but what’s great is that they have the co-sign feature as well. In addition, they have an extended network of third-party lender networks and marketing agencies.

Just like Money Mutual, RadCred was also started when the need for essential financing was required by Americans who couldn’t come up with a basic $400 when they needed it. They guarantee you a quick fund transfer as soon as the loan is approved and sanctioned. The website is easy to use and straightforward.

Your information is always safe with RadCred as they make it their utmost priority to protect you at all times. Their only goal is to serve you. They don’t impose any additional fee from the borrower; they get their commission from the lenders.

They do not entertain predatory lending and have strict provisions in that regard. They help people improve their credit scores and believe in customer-friendly practices. You can refer to the features and pros and Cons below to understand their services in detail.


Cosigner Feature

Rad Cred has the Cosigner feature, which not many websites offer. In addition, if your credit score is poor and you don’t have a fixed monthly income, you can get another person to sign your form with you, implying that if you cannot repay the loan, the liability will fall upon him to do so.

 Loan Term

The loan term offered by Rad Cred is three months to 72 months.


Rad Cred is secured by 2048-BIT RSA and is associated with OLA and CFEF. It is also certified by Trusted Site.


APR charged by Rad Cred varies between 5.99% to 35.99%


  • Quick loan disbursement
  • Quick response from lenders
  • Efficient Customer service offered
  •  Simple application and Secure website
  • Quick money transfer within 24 hours
  • Trusted by millions of users worldwide
  • you need not give the reason for taking the loan
  • Secured by 2048-Bit RSA
  • Competitive rates are offered
  • A poor credit score is not given much importance
  • The website applies no service charge
  • Guaranteed approval for all
  • Large lender network
  • Associated with Online Lenders Association


  • Further assistance is not given once the loan is sanctioned

=> Click here to visit the official website “Rad Cred”

#4.Cash USA – Top Loan Company For Bad Credit Loans Online

Cash USA has been in the lending scene for some time and has made a niche. Their exemplary services and customer-friendly offers attract many new borrowers to try their services. With rarely any complaints, this site has won the hearts of many people.

Another reason it has been gaining popularity is the extreme measures taken by them to keep the clients’ sensitive information safe. In addition, they provide customers with fast, simple, safe, and sensible loan procedures.

You can access it anytime and from anywhere. The company offers convenient and quick services the borrower needs to find a loan. They help with credit repair and debt relief as well by connecting you to professional agents who are experts in the field. The APR charged is standard, between 5.99% and 35.99%.

Customers are satisfied because, without any strain, money is transferred into their accounts quickly. You can survey the pros and cons below to get a gist of their services.


Reason For Taking The Loan

You can get a loan on Cash USA for debt consolidation, debt relief, credit card refinance, emergency, auto repair, auto purchase, medical expenses, paying off tax or student loans, moving, etc.

Loan Duration and Interest Applicable

Loans are given for between 90 and 72 months; however, the loan duration depends on your qualification. The interest applied on a loan is between 5.99% and 35.99%.

A Connector Between Lenders and Borrowers

Cash USA does not provide loans themselves to people but merely acts as a link between borrowers in need of money and lenders who have the financial resources.

No Embarrassment

You can get a loan on Cash USA without telling anyone. It can get embarrassing to get a loan from family and friends. However, the process here is quick and discreet, so no one needs to know about your current financial dilemma.


The borrower needs to be above 18 years old, be a U.S. resident or permanent resident, be employed for three months, and meet the lender’s minimum income requirement. In addition, they must have a checking account in their name and provide work and home phone numbers and email addresses.

Loan Terms

Loan size, APR, and repayment terms may vary by state and lender.


Lenders in the Cash USA network are mandatorily presumed to provide the borrower with detailed information about the loan terms and conditions before the borrower accepts the offer.


  • Extensions granted on repayment deadlines
  • Competitive rates are proposed
  •  Quick loan disbursement
  • Quick fund transfer
  • Guaranteed approval for all
  • Secured by advanced encryption technology
  • Customer services are available 24/7
  • Automated Repayment facility available
  • Educational resources provided to new borrowers
  • Quick money transfer
  • Simple application process
  • Transparent information is given on the website
  • Customer-friendly services
  • They insist the borrower read the terms carefully before accepting an offer.
  • Large lender network


  • Additional charges applicable on nonpayment or late payment
  • The lender can report to any of the three major credit reporting agencies on nonpayment or late payment
  •  You need to prove that you’ve been applied for three months before seeking the loan

=> Click here to visit the official website “Cash USA”

Personalloans are the go-to place for anyone looking for a loan amount above $35000. With no hidden fees or upfront costs, Personal Loans provides hassle-free funds to anyone seeking loans. In addition, bad credit loans with guaranteed approval are granted to anyone looking for an instant loan with a poor credit score.

You can get a loan for any reason, be it a wedding, funeral, travel, study, prior dues, etc. With no extra fee levied, personal loans believe in serving its customers with the best services. Like the other websites, personal loans also give 90 days to 72 months to repay the loans depending on the offer you select.

APR again varies between 5.99% and 35.99, depending on your loan amount, duration, and credit score. Below are the features, pros, and cons of the company.


Loan Amount

The Loan amount offered starts from $1000 and goes to $35000.

Quick Fund Transfer

As soon as you submit the form of bad credit personal loans and the other formalities are fulfilled,  you accept the loan, and the funds are transferred to your bank account within 24 hours.

Competitive Rates Available

Due to their extensive lender network hosted by them or associated with them via third-party networks, the borrowers are spoilt by choice of lenders to pick from online.

Personal loans offer credit-related products or services that can serve your purpose and help you with credit repair and debt relief for future loans.

Simple and Straightforward

Sign up process for bad credit Personal loans is simple and easy to access. It hardly takes a few minutes and can be accessed anytime and anywhere.


  • The maximum loan amount granted is $35000
  • Simple application procedure
  • Customer-friendly services
  • Competitive rate available
  • You can seek a loan for any occasion
  • Security by advanced encrypted technology
  • Credit-related products and services offered
  • Free Services offered
  • Guaranteed approval for all
  • No fine/auxiliary expenses levied
  • Cosigner facility available
  • Other services such as debt relief, credit repair, and credit monitoring services are provided to the borrowers as well
  • Customer services are available 24/7
  • No collateral needed
  • The form can be submitted any time of the day and anywhere
  • Large lender network


  • Eligibility criteria in certain lousy credit loans are strict

=> Click here to visit the official website “Personal Loans”

How We Made This List Of Loans For Bad Credit

Eligibility Factor

We read through the Eligibility requirements of each website before selecting these websites as the best. Most websites have standard Eligibility criteria, which are that the borrower must be over 18, have a social security number, a personal bank account, phone number, and U.S. Citizenship or permanent residency.

Specific lenders require the borrower to have a fixed monthly income of $800 and provide the employer’s contact details.

APR and Interest Rates

These lenders usually charge interest between 5.99% and 35.99%. The interest rate varies for different lenders. The individual lender who agrees to offer you a loan decides the APR himself. And the APR is decided as per your credit score. The lender will likely charge you a higher APR if your credit score is poor.

Also, APR levied by State lenders is less than APR levied by tribal lenders. Tribal lenders charge a higher APR because they don’t give regard to your credit score and agree to grant you a short-term loan immediately over a long period; hence don’t give much regard to your credit score.

Guaranteed Approval

The selected websites assure you best bad credit loans online regardless of your credit history. Sites like don’t even look at your credit score before bestowing you a loan.

Some of these sites have a network of tribal lenders that agree to offer loans for people with bad credit scores; however, they charge a high APR.


Your security is our utmost priority. Therefore, we’ve only recommended those sites that ensure customer safety. Anyone applying for a loan gives sensitive personal details to the lenders; thus, only those websites that safeguard the client’s pivotal, sensitive information have been selected.

Fund Transfer Time

Most virtual lending websites transfer funds quickly within 24 hours as soon as the loan is approved and accepted by both parties. You need to give your bank account details while submitting the forms.

Additional Charges

The selected sites do not charge any additional fee for loan applications or other services. However, individual lenders, especially tribal ones, can charge an additional fee on the loan amount they offer. We would never enlist lending platforms that charge you an extra fee for their services.


Most lenders are flexible about negotiating the terms of the loan contract. As soon as you submit the form, the lending platforms forward your information to lenders who review it before ascertaining whether they wish to grant you a loan and the APR they would like to charge.

We’ve selected websites that don’t charge APR beyond 35.99%; however, you can negotiate the terms of the loan and APR percent with them before finalizing.

Customer Service

We have only chosen those websites that guarantee the best customer service while taking the loan and even after the loan is sanctioned and disbursed.

You can contact them before accepting the loan offer if you don’t understand any particular term in the contract and need assistance, or you can contact them post loan disbursement with whatever assistance you require. Overall, these sites are known for the impeccable services offered by them.

Scheme Comparison

We compared the schemes offered by the lenders and how they differ from one another. Most of them offer the same service, so it was difficult to differentiate them. However, factors like lender network and loan terms offered make all the difference you can know after receiving the loan offers.

Some websites have a network of tribal lenders, whereas others have a network of state lenders, and different Lenders levy different service charges or fines. The websites we’ve selected try to host only those lenders that don’t extort the client in the name of fines and charges.

Factors you Must Consider

Most of these websites have a similar application procedure. You have to fill up their form, which hardly takes five minutes; you can access their website anywhere at any time. You can always contact their customer service teams if you have any doubts. 

These websites have networks of state and tribal lenders who offer loans to people from all kinds of financial backgrounds seeking short-financial assistance without considering their previous loan history.

You can take a loan for any occasion, whether a wedding or funeral, to pay off an educational loan, car repair, home repair, hospital bill, shopping, etc.

We’ve listed a buying guide for people venturing into the borrowing world for the first time:


Research is always on the top of our buying guide. Well-conducted research saves one from heavy loss and misfortune. Conduct as much research as possible before accepting the best emergency loans offered. You can search all the websites offering instant, short-term loans and understand their loan plan.

Borrowing a loan from someone you know and trust is excellent, but if you’re getting a virtual loan for the first time, you need to be sure of the lender’s credibility. Therefore, the site should be transparent about its terms and conditions and comprise a network of legit and reliable lenders.

Study carefully what kind of loans they offer and how much interest they charge. Read the customer reviews, rely on word of mouth if you have to, and submit your application form.

Reason For Taking The Loan

You need to know the reason why you are taking the loan. Once you have your reason, you can ascertain the amount you need to borrow. You should take the loan for some concrete reason and not just for wasteful shopping because regardless of how small the amount is, debt is a debt.

You can take the loan for any purpose, but you must remember that higher interest is often charged on a considerable loan. Also, significant amounts take more time to be sanctioned than a meager amount.

Loan Terms

Loans are usually granted for a period between three months and six years. Lenders forward their offers to you as soon as you submit the form. The duration is mentioned in those terms.

You must select a feasible duration to pay back the lender as per your income and repayment capacity. Remember that the longer the duration, the more interest you will be paying, which becomes a costly affair.

Repayment Schedule

You should formulate your repayment plan before you accept the loan. You should calculate your reserves and how you plan to earn to pay back the loan. You can always take up a part-time job to make some side income if your current job doesn’t pay you enough to return the loan.

Once your primary plan is ready, you can accept an offer that suits you best.


It’s best to select a lender that follows safety measures and has advanced encrypted technology that protects your sensitive data from getting leaked. For example, most websites are secured by 2048-BIT RSA and are certified by Trusted Site to be secure. Whereas others use other encrypted technology to ensure your information is safe.

Also, it’s best to select a lender associated with Online Lenders Association and CFEF. These are premium authorities that keep a check on all the lenders and guarantee you their reliability.


Well, you don’t want to give away your sensitive personal information to anyone, do you? Make sure the company is reliable and has goodwill in the market. Because these bad credit loan companies have offered clients good services, they have earned goodwill in the market.

You don’t have to visit any bank, wait in line, make requests, or deal with uncooperative staff. Some lending platforms don’t give importance to your poor credit history before sanctioning you a loan.

You can always study about the company first before submitting your details ahead.

Interest Rates/APR

The standard APR varies between 5.99% and 35.99%. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t decide the APR.

That decision lies with the individual lender. They decide the APR depending on the loan amount, loan term, and the borrower’s credit history.

Always select an offer that sets the same interest for the complete duration. Loans with different interests can be an expensive affair.

Customer Services

You can only know how good the customer service is once you deal with them. Therefore, you can contact the customer service team before signing up for the form and resolve as many queries as possible.

Contact them whenever you like until you aren’t sure that their service is good. You can also read the reviews on their official website or blogs that have reviewed them.


Be careful of scammers and frauds. Some platforms are a cover-up for illegal activities, and you don’t want to fall into such vicious traps. Predatory lending carried out by some illegal websites has been reported multiple times.

There are also phishing, mortgage loan relief, debt collection, payday loan, and wire transfer scams. Some websites seek your personal information via these virtual forms. Once they access your sensitive information, they extort innocent borrowers; thus, be sure not to fall prey to such extortionists.

Service Charges And Fine

Legit and reliable websites rarely charge any service fee from the borrower for their services. Instead, they take a commission from the individual lender. However, the individual lender can charge a fine or some late payment fee for their services.

It would be best if you clarified the service charge and late fee provision with the individual lender at the time of the loan finalization.

Repayment Plan

You should have a repayment plan ready even before the loan is finalized. Regardless of how small it is, debt is an unnecessary headache and an enormous burden. In times of difficulties, if we don’t have sufficient savings, we are left with no option but to take a loan.

However, don’t lag in the repayment planning. Instead, get a second job if you have to pay off that extra debt.

FAQs: Online Bad Credit Loans

What Is A Credit Score?

A credit score is a numerical grade of the borrower’s past loan history. A credit score can be categorized into good or bad.

A bad credit score ranges between 300 and 629. A fair score is rated between 630 and 689. A good score comes between 690 and 719, and anything between 720 and 850 is considered excellent.

What Is Bad Credit?

A bad credit score implies that the borrower could not pay his dues on time; hence the previous lender gave him a bad score. A bad credit score ranges between 300 and 629. Therefore, a prior lousy credit score can affect your current loan.

What Do You Mean By Guaranteed Approval?

Guaranteed Approval refers to the fact that you can receive a loan regardless of your credit score. Your financial position is not considered, and anyone can seek a loan that requires financial assistance.

What Is APR?

APR is the acronym for Annual Percentage Rate. It is an interest levied on the loan value for the entire year. APR varies depending on the lender, the stat, and the borrower’s credit history. Websites don’t determine the APR percent; the individual lender decides it.

What Is An Example Of APR?

Let’s suppose the loan amount a borrower seeks is $8500 for two years and can repay monthly over two years. The APR interest levied by the lender is supposedly 6.99%. Thus the lender is supposed to pay $380.53 monthly for 24 months.

Thus, in total, he is paying $9132.68. Therefore, the total interest paid on the principal amount of $8500 is $632.68.

How To Improve A Bad Credit Score?

The lending websites are linked with third-party networks undertaking credit repair, debt relief, and credit monitoring activities.

There are professional websites that help people improve their credit score, further improving their chance to improve their chance of seeking a loan in the future.

Which Kind Of Loans Can Be Validated With Bad Credit?

Short-term loans, personal loans, emergency loans, installment loans, mortgage loans, motor loans, etc., can be validated regardless of your credit score. However, the amount sanctioned is usually less than a loan granted by the bank.

How Does A Bad Credit Loan Work In General?

People with bad credit usually don’t get loans from a traditional bank or financial company. However, there are some virtual lenders online who give loans to people regardless of their credit score.

The catch is that they charge a higher APR on a small amount. However, you can apply on these websites, and the companies will offer a loan.

Are Bad Credit Loans Secured Loans Or Unsecured Loans?

Virtual online lenders offer unsecured loans. Avoid getting a loan there if any website requires you to put up any of your assets as collateral.

Who Can Seek A Bad Credit Loan?

Anyone who requires immediate financial assistance can seek a bad credit loan. It’s mostly for people with poor credit scores who require cash immediately.

Are There Any Other Options Available Instead Of Bad Credit Loans?

You can take a loan from relatives, friends, or any other reliable lender because banks refrain from giving loans to people with poor credit.

Conclusion: Where Can I Get A Loan With Bad Credit

Lack of sufficient financial reserves can cause immense trouble in an evil hour, and a poor credit score can add to the misery. Thankfully, with the help of virtual lenders, the issue isn’t as severe. The websites we have listed in this article provide short-term loans to people with bad credit scores who cannot find loans anywhere else.

You can get a loan for any purpose, and you don’t need to give any explanation in detail to anyone. Another reason it’s great to get a virtual loan is that it saves the embarrassment of asking for a loan from friends and relatives. You can get a virtual loan discreetly, which saves you embarrassment.

These websites ensure bad credit loans guaranteed approval. They are reliable and have earned a reputation over the years for their impeccable services. We have linked the websites; you should check them out before deciding which site you think suits your requirement best.

We’ve worked hard and brought you these best websites. You can go through all the details and understand the offers carefully before taking the next step. You can also consider other websites and compare the features to understand them better. We suggest you apply to a couple of them to get a plethora of loan options.

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