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Where to Peruse and Collect Art for Your Home This Fall

Whether you are a seasoned art collector or curious about where to start, visit a gallery displaying art that evokes emotion.
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Where to Peruse and Collect Art for Your Home This Fall

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There is always at least one area in a home that needs just the right piece of art, whether to anchor a room, complete a design, or simply as a place that will elicit a pause for reflection or conversation. Whether you are a seasoned art collector or new to the “art of collecting art” and curious about where to start, the advice most artists and gallery owners will offer is to visit galleries and look for art that evokes emotion.

Antonio Cortez, executive director of the Christopher Martin Galleries, says collecting art for your home should be about more than design or decor. Art should have meaning to its owner. “One should consider their home a sanctuary filled with things that bring beauty, happiness, relaxation, and sophistication,” Cortez says. “Art has the power to transform spaces and honor the connection with ‘the self.’ Therefore, choosing art that represents or connects with one’s interests and passions is paramount to infusing the home with their identity.”

Visiting art galleries and attending art shows are great first steps in noticing what draws your attention and entices you to learn more about a piece. Fortunately, Dallas is filled with notable art galleries where people from throughout the area, the country, and even the world visit to add to their art collections. “Art galleries provide the spaces for one to find, develop and refine one’s taste,” Cortez says. “Once people acknowledge what kind of art they gravitate toward, they can start following artists working in a similar fashion.”

The Christopher Martin Gallery in Dallas provides four opportunities this fall for you to explore the art collection and acquire pieces from notable artists while learning the stories behind their work.

Mital Patel

Majestic Creatures

Christopher Martin Gallery, 1533 Dragon Street, Dallas September 23 – October 14, 2022

There is still time to see the wildlife photography of Mital Patel at the Christopher Martin Gallery in Dallas. The exhibition, titled Majestic Creatures, features Patel’s most recent works from his summer expedition in Africa. The show will be held in the gallery’s new wing dedicated to presenting contemporary art. The exhibition will continue through October 2022, when some pieces will move to the grounds of the Halles as part of the Round Top Fall Antiques Show in Round Top, Texas.

Fulfilling a passion for fine art photography and travel through exciting expeditions across the globe, Patel continuously searches for unique moments in nature. While Patel has visited Africa before, photographing the Big Five while journeying through Maasai Mara and Samburu National Park was the focus of his two-week trip to East Africa. Excited to give the regal creatures the time and attention to bring their story to front and center, he headed to Amboseli National Park, known for the highest concentration of elephants, with more than 1,500 roaming its terrain, with Mount Kilimanjaro looming above, providing a spectacular backdrop.

Visiting the private Lumo Conservancy, Patel could see firsthand how the local community plays a role in the conservation of animals while also benefiting from tourism. While much of the exhibition is centered around animals in motion, venturing into Maasai Mara, he beautifully captured details that tell his story, like the unique patterns on the cheetahs and zebras and a lion standing proud, looking like a wise and powerful older man. Mastering observation, patience, and attention, Patel captures the timeless journey of these creatures in their natural habitats honoring their majestic appeal that has captivated our imagination for centuries. As Patel notes, “They have been here long before the existence of humans and will be here long after we are gone. Our duty is to maintain the Earth so that these majestic animals can continue roaming this planet.”

Patel hopes his audience will come away with a slightly different view of the world and an appreciation for the simple beauty that many overlook. He has captured images on five continents, from landscapes and the colorful aurora in the night sky to exotic wildlife signing over their magnificent domain. Says Patel, “Going to these incredible places I share with you through these photographs, I hope to create joy, inspiration, and an appreciation for nature’s beauty. My passion started at a young age, capturing family moments. My photography captures Earth in its raw form, reminding people of the need to preserve nature in its beauty.

Steve Wrubel, Photographer

Let’s Ride

Christopher Martin Gallery, 1533 Dragon Street, Dallas October 14, 2022

Christopher Martin


Christopher Martin Gallery, 1533 Dragon Street, Dallas October 14, 2022

Christopher Martin Gallery of Dallas will usher in October with a trifecta of experiences that promise to bring a taste of the American West to the Dallas art community. The first two include the Let’s Ride exhibit by Dallas-based photographer Steve Wrubel, and gallery founder Christopher Martin’s paintings from his Houston exhibit, Centric. Both shows will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. October 14, 2022, beginning with an artist’s reception. The month wraps up with, Rain Paintings: A Collaboration with Falling Rain, by Sibylle Szaggars Redford October 21, with an opening reception from 5 to 8 p.m.

Cortez says local art experiences like these are the perfect way to learn more about art and discover what you like and what will work best in your space. The difference? “Service, service, service,” he says. “A local gallery like ours can provide an outstanding service tailored to a person’s needs and level in collecting art. Our expert staff can discuss options with designers, provide digital visualizations, commission site-specific artworks, audition art at clients’ homes, and provide expert installation. We can assist and support the client through every step on their journey to acquire suitable artwork for their home. From fostering connections with the artists to supporting the artistic processes of local artists making their mark at the national level, these events are the best opportunity to be face-to-face exposure to the art and experience oneself.”

The Let’s Ride exhibition will dive heavily into Wrubel’s Wild West series and present new works from the Storm Chasing Series. These works highlight the spirit of adventure and the American experience through the photographer’s abstracts of riders on broncos and bulls removed from their rodeo backdrops and placed in natural settings photographed during Wrubel’s travels. “I spend much time driving through the American West while making my way along the rodeo circuit to photography bull and bronco riders,” Wrubel says. “I always have my camera at the ready to capture the wild natural landscapes I encounter during my trips, which are the source photographs that serve as the backdrops to the pieces in my Wild West series. I’m excited about bringing a piece of the American West through my pieces in this exhibition, and I hope audiences will connect with the wild and untamed spirit of these photographs as much as I do.”

Since debuting Martin’s first discs for a commissioned installation of 35 pieces in 2011 for EQUINOX Dallas, successive series have continued the evolution of iterations that play with rhythmic and eye-catching geometry. The Centric exhibition will highlight works from the Vorticity Solaris series, featuring earth-tones and patterns reminiscent of basket weaving from the American West. Heavily influenced by nature, the Vorticity Solaris collection is inspired by the eye of the storm and resulting circular patterns. Sizes will range from 24 to 48 inches in diameter. While all of Martin’s work offers unparalleled technique in his style, the disc paintings from Centric allow artists and clients to collaborate on personalized composition and stylistic options that reinforce their sculptural nature. The discs fit in most every space, from a single piece hung above a fireplace to a selection of work cascading up a staircase. The options and combinations are limitless, and the results are always breathtaking and unique.

The October 14 exhibition for both artists, sponsored by Socorro Tequila, will feature a Ranch Water signature cocktail. Ride and Ridden Wine, featuring the work of Wrubel in its labels, will offer tastings of its 2020 RIDE Cabernet Sauvignon. A tamale station by Casa Masa will delight visitors with unique creations. Nationally acclaimed Rodeo Riders featured in Wrubel’s series will be among the featured guests.

Sibylle Szaggars Redford

Rain Paintings

Christopher Martin Gallery, 1533 Dragon Street, Dallas October 20-November 5, 2022

Sibylle Szaggars Redford’s Rain Paintings are created in collaboration with the annual monsoon rains that sustain life on the fragile landscape of the high-desert plateaus of the Southwest. This landmark exhibition of paintings, chromogenic pieces, and sculptures invite the audience to remember their physical and spiritual connection to our planet’s beauty and plight. The show and the accompanying live multidisciplinary performance, The Way of the Rain – Hope for Earth, were conceived by environmental Szaggars Redford, an environmental artist, to explore the issue of climate change resulting in rapidly changing weather patterns. Szaggars Redford collaborated with world-renowned artists to create pieces illustrating crucial environmental dilemmas through performance art.

The Rain Paintings will be on view at the Christopher Martin Gallery Dallas location from October 20 through November 5 and available for purchase online at A VIP artist reception for donors is planned at the gallery for Thursday, October 20, and a public opening reception is scheduled from 5 to 8 p.m. October 21. The Way of the Rain – Hope for Earth, the multidisciplinary environmental performance creation for orchestra, chorus, film, art, and spoken word, will be presented at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas, Texas, at 7 p.m. October 22, 2022. This performance, created and directed by Sibylle Szaggars Redford, is in collaboration with Music Composer Tim Janis, Performance Film Artist Floyd Thomas McBee, and features a special narration – Spoken Word by Robert Redford. Julien Benichou will conduct the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

Founded 27 years ago in Dallas, Christopher Martin Gallery created the perfect atmosphere to showcase the breadth of Christopher Martin’s work in media, such as acrylic and canvas. Presently the gallery is located in the Dallas Design District in a recently renovated 9,000- square-foot space at 1531-33 Dragon Street.  Martin maintained his studio in Dallas for many years. In 2010, he moved his studio to Aspen and opened his second gallery. The Aspen gallery quickly became the staple for a roster of seasoned and new collectors.

In 2015, Antonio Cortez, a Harvard graduate, seasoned art advisor, curator, and fine arts administrator, was appointed executive director of the Christopher Martin Galleries. In his leadership capacity, Cortez has managed the galleries’ growth and expansion and has created experiences that serve the needs of a growing sophisticated art audience. Together with the teams at each gallery, they nurture relationships with seasoned collectors and walk new buyers through the process of starting their collections. The groups also work closely with accredited designers and art advisors for projects in several U.S. cities and manage the creation of site-specific commissioned artworks for select clients. Through the years, the gallery has shown regularly at several art fairs, namely Art Hamptons, Art Aspen, Art Wynwood, SOFA Chicago, Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, Scope NY, Scope Miami Beach, and Context Art Miami.

In 2019, the gallery expanded its Dallas location, launching a new program to present concurrent exhibitions by contemporary artists working in painting, sculpture, and photography. The Dallas gallery proudly started this new direction by expanding its roster to 20 contemporary artists. Curated by Cortez, the gallery opened four concurrent exhibitions. Since 2020, The new Dallas gallery has developed a rotating program that includes 27 artists working in various media tailored to the Dallas collector’s base and audiences. To this end, the gallery hosts concurrent exhibitions for artists that incessantly push the envelope with renewed forms of expression as Martin continues to do in his practice. The synergy among these focused practices will be the seminal force in developing the artists’ careers and expanding their collector’s base.

The Christopher Martin Gallery is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, please contact the gallery at 214-760-1775 or [email protected].


  • Christopher Martin  | Lead Artist & Founder
  • Antonio Cortez | Executive Director
  • Glenn Martin | Director of Operations
  • Bob Johnson | General Manager


1533 Dragon Street | Dallas, TX 75207 

214.760.1775 | Monday – Saturday 10 am – 6 pm 

  • Kim Markham | Director of Sales
  • Eleanor Grindinger | Executive Assistant & Art Advisor
  • Blake Kilgore | TX Division Manager

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