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Personal Trainers Are Going Mobile

Mobile Trainers is dedicated to taking top trainers out of the gym and delivering them to clients’ homes.
By Mobile Trainers |
A Mobile Trainers Van Parked Outside Their Dallas Office on Legacy Drive in Plano. Courtesy of Mobile Trainers

Let’s face it, you’re busy.  Everyone is busy, and it’s nice when services like Uber, Door Dash, Amazon, etc. can make things a little easier.  Wouldn’t it be nice if our fitness goals could be reached with the click of a button too?  Well, while they can’t bypass the hard work that fitness requires, Mobile Trainers is determined to bring on-demand personal training to the masses.  And now, with their recent launch of Mobile Trainers Dallas, the majority of DFW can actually get access to master personal trainers, right from the comfort of their own homes! 

Although, it isn’t just about convenience, is it?  If you’re going to hire a personal trainer, you want to get the results you’re after, and you want them fast, right?  You certainly wouldn’t want to watch Netflix, just because it was convenient if their shows weren’t enjoyable! If you’ve used a personal trainer in a gym before, they probably sold you on all the hype but ultimately let you down with the results. Personal trainers at a gym require you to fight traffic, work out in a crowded and potentially uncomfortable environment, and pay a lot of money, so it can be a truly awful experience when the results don’t follow.  

Mobile Trainers was founded on more than bringing personal trainers to clients’ homes, its true mission is to bring measurable results to clients’ homes.  From their science-based and metric-driven training programs to the staff they employ, and the processes they follow, Mobile Trainers is relentless in their pursuit of measurable results.  They are excited to challenge the norm and rethink all the old parameters of personal training, focusing on delivering the best customer experience possible.   

How Mobile Trainers Gets Results

First, they use portable 3D body scanning technology to track quantifiable results.  This scanner, manufactured by Styku, offers exceptionally accurate measurements for muscle mass, fat mass, basal metabolic rate, posture, and dozens of body measurements from head to toe.  “Our clients are commonly surprised by the information our Styku can provide them.  They can sometimes be disappointed they’ve only lost a few pounds their first month, only to realize they’ve shed pounds of fat, lost inches in their waist, and gained inches in their arms.  This is why we prefer Styku over a scale.  Scales, even new smart scales, just don’t paint an accurate picture of your body.”, said Justin Townsend, Co-Founder and Training Director for Mobile Trainers. 

Mobile Trainers also provides fully customized and calibrated program designs for their clients.  Each client’s program is created from scratch, based on their goals and physical abilities.  Additionally, this program is updated with each monthly 3D body scan, as Mobile Trainers hones in on the specific goals you set with them.  Not to mention, there is a registered dietitian on staff as well, who works in tandem with the trainers to help clients reach their desired results even more effectively.

Hiring top personal trainers is always the highest priority.  Accepting less than 1% of all applications received, Mobile Trainers employs very high standards when searching for staff that can help their clients reach their potential.  Most Mobile Trainers have a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in kinesiology, athletic training, or another related field.  Justin added, “By hiring the very best personal trainers, we take giant leaps toward the customer experience we demand for our clients.” 

Lastly, Mobile Trainers incentivizes their personal trainers for getting results rather than doing sales.  In fact, they even run regular competitions among their trainers, rewarding the trainer who achieves the biggest 60-day transformations for their clients.  Unfortunately, at most commercial gyms, personal trainers often have sales quotas and goals, distracting them from focusing on the needs of their clients.   “We want our staff aligned with our mission of bringing clients great results. If we can do that, we believe we won’t need to worry about the revenue goals that most gyms manage toward,” said Justin.

What About An Online Workout Program?

Ok, personal training at home sounds nice, but what about trying an online fitness class or online workout program first? For some people, this really may work! If you have a lot of experience working out and have enough discipline to do workouts on your own, you may experience good results with online training. 

However, in most cases, we find that these online alternatives just don’t do the trick. Consider this: our bodies are unique and respond very differently to different workout programs and nutrition plans. As a result, we see these one-size-fits-all programs yielding one-size-fits-few results. Also, what is worse, those who do not have a lot of experience working out may have improper technique, which can result in slower progress or even injury. 

What Are Mobile Trainers’ Specialties?

With a wide range of skills across their training team, Mobile Trainers works to match you with the trainer best suited to help you with your fitness goals.  They excel at weight loss, strength gain, corrective exercise, postpartum weight loss, flexibility, and more. 

How Does it Work?

Once you fill out the online forum, a client specialist from Mobile Trainers will contact you to schedule a free fitness consultation.  Once at your home, this client specialist will discuss your goals, exercise experience, as well as relevant medical history.  They will also perform a movement assessment and do a free 3D body scan.  This body scan will act as your “before” in the “before and after” sequence of your training story.  At the end of your meeting with the client specialist, they will recommend a training program for you, as well as the personal trainer best suited to help you with your goals.

If you choose to move forward, this is where the fun really begins.  Your trainer will travel to your home and deliver goal-crushing workouts each week.  These workouts will be varied, fun, and progress in difficulty.

At the end of each month, another body scan is recorded, and you will be able to see how your body is changing.  Your trainer will also revisit your programming, so don’t be surprised if your workouts and nutrition recommendations change if you aren’t making enough progress toward your goals!

In the end, if you follow your trainer’s instructions, you should meet or exceed your measurable goals by the end of your time with Mobile Trainers.  You should also have gained a wealth of knowledge for improving your fitness, proper exercise technique, and a list of exercises you can now perform comfortably at home.  However, don’t be surprised if you enjoy it so much you aren’t ready to unsubscribe!

How Did Mobile Trainers Start?

Cofounders Justin Townsend and Chad Smith are a pair of exciting entrepreneurs with unique backgrounds.  Chad is a former NASA Mission Design Engineer turned entrepreneur, and Justin is a four-sport athlete and former collegiate swimmer that specialized in turnaround management at luxury gyms.   

The two of them teamed up to bring the fitness industry’s top personal trainers to your doorstep. They are focused on hiring top-tier trainers to deliver their customized, science-based, and metric-driven training programs, directly to clients’ homes, helping clients reach their goals safely and efficiently. 

They get to experience what hiring a personal trainer should be: fun, educational, gimmick-free, and above all else, effective!

Chad Smith

“We recognized a real need in today’s fitness industry, which is expert in-home personal training. Many people are searching for an alternative to the gym, and a large portion of these individuals have a need/desire for a master personal trainer to help them get started and/or reach their goals!” said Justin.

 After 18 months, Mobile Trainers has three locations, serving the greater areas of Dallas, Miami, and Phoenix. “I’m so excited for new clients that discover us.  They get to experience what hiring a personal trainer should be: fun, educational, gimmick-free, and above all else, effective!” said Chad.

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