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Crisis Management in the Age of Uncertainty

When businesses face crisis, TruePoint Communications counsels clients to act swiftly and decisively

In our current business environment, the only constant is more change, likely at an accelerated pace. Today’s executives must ground themselves with purpose and lead with passion, particularly during a crisis. At TruePoint Communications, we counsel our clients that how they react at the onset of a crisis significantly impacts the result. In an age where stories spread like wildfire via social media and the 24/7 news cycle, timing is everything.

When crisis strikes, the most common question from executives is, “How should we handle this?” immediately followed by “What should we say?” If a business spends too much time crafting messaging, they may miss the opportunity to own the narrative and the outcome. Instead, redirect your methodology to, “What outcome do we want?” What’s the result you want from this? Some key outcomes could be:

• Normalize business operations as quickly as possible.
• Show people we care.
• Leverage the situation to bring light to an issue or unmet need.
• Highlight company core values and purpose.

The first 45 minutes following a crisis is where the highest potential for disaster lies. TruePoint, a leader in crisis management, can help you act swiftly and decisively, make sound decisions and put a plan of action in place. To learn more about TruePoint’s crisis communications capabilities and receive guidance, visit

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