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This is How You Survive Today’s Healthcare Market

Colaluca Marketing Services weighs in on strategies and solutions to help grow medical providers' businesses in the current marketplace.
By Colaluca Marketing |

Competition with healthcare providers is at an all-time high. Providers must be keenly focused and strategic to endure and thrive further in a fast-evolving industry that is still reeling from the impacts of a pandemic. They must also continually focus on marketing, referrals, and relationship building to succeed. Most providers who operate smaller, independent practices do not have the time and resources to focus on these areas of their business because they are focused on what they were trained to do–treat patients. 

How can providers ensure excellent quality care while growing their practice?

The answer is Colaluca Marketing Services. Colaluca Marketing specializes in medical marketing and business development. The company’s marketing efforts and strategy bring awareness to a medical practice’s potential referral networks and cultivates an ongoing relationship. The professionals at Colaluca Marketing develop a unique solution for each medical practice client to understand their current market landscape and competitors. Colaluca Marketing develops specific plans for target audiences, which creates an understanding of their clients’ practice differentiators against the other practices/large systems in their area. Colaluca Marketing helps to build a successful practice through continual strategy, marketing efforts, referrals, and relationship building with a high-touch, and concierge-style service.

Colaluca Marketing Services is an elite consulting group offering a high level of knowledge and experience—plus an expansive network of contacts. The firm’s proven, unique strategies and solutions help grow medical practices by offering tailored plans based on individual needs and budgets. They won’t provide the same resources and solutions to every client because they understand that no two are alike—you won’t find outdated formulas or tired ideas here. CEO and founder Sheri Colaluca says, “There have been clients we have been able to double their monthly referrals just by implementing a referral tracking system and managing their current relationships.”

Our goal is simple–to help medical practices grow…We want physicians to have a presence far beyond their specialty.

Colaluca operates this forward-thinking firm with Marketing Directors Jennifer Richter and Britt Hemsell, Content Marketing Director Tara Ryan, and Operations Director Laura Holthouser on its team. She formed Colaluca Marketing Services after recognizing an unmet need for a critical connection between referring providers. “Our goal is simple–to help medical practices grow,” Colaluca says. “We want to increase their patient base and satisfaction by creating relationships with other physicians and within their community. We want physicians to have a presence far beyond their specialty.” 

Colaluca Marketing’s team asks each client: How can patients seek your healthcare services, and fellow physicians refer you if they don’t know you exist? Colaluca Marketing not only establishes the relationship, but also continuously works to ensure the relationship remains beneficial.

Clients of Colaluca Marketing Services can expect:

Relationship management through the creation of networks that enhance growth and mutually beneficial solutions and improve connections.

Referral source development via introduction to the firm’s vast network of potential referral sources that fit a practice’s needs, seamlessly providing the groundwork for long-lasting relationships.

Physician liaison benefits serve as a critical point of connection between referring providers. Colaluca Marketing’s clients can provide the red-carpet treatment to their referral sources and patients.

Reputation management from positive patient reviews on Healthgrades, Google, WebMD, RateMDs, Yelp, and hundreds of other sites increases practice reviews and boosts reputation.

Practice awareness from potential referral networks and visibility within the client’s communities.

“Most of our clients are initially surprised by the quality and quantity of our contacts—and the innovative way we think,” Colaluca says. “We think a bit differently than others in our industry. We are willing to be open and transparent. The contacts we make for our clients are theirs—we don’t try to keep them to ourselves. We are willing to open doors and make those connections because we know those relationships will prosper with us. We have a very methodical approach, and what we do is transparent and trackable, which is different from most firms in our industry. We provide daily activity reports and operate hands-on, in-person.”

At a time when many Dallas area medical offices are short-staffed, keeping and maintaining referral sources can prove difficult for physicians and their staff when they are busy providing patient care. Colaluca Marketing coordinates these efforts, from getting information to referring physicians and following that referral from beginning to end, thus ensuring patients are being called back and referral sources are constantly updated. “We are helping our clients create patient trust and grow professional relationships, so they feel confident that sending their patients out of their office will be a seamless and positive experience for each patient. We’ll handle it,” Colaluca says.

We think a bit differently than others in our industry. We are willing to be open and transparent.

Colaluca Marketing’s work does not just stop at marketing; it also aims to help practices become more successful by introducing them to other sources within their network —suppliers, insurance coordination, billing companies, practice management professionals, and more.

“When we see a good resource for our clients, we share it,” Colaluca says.  Colaluca and her team step in to make these connections so that more patients are served, and practice goals are reached. “We relieve the administrative and marketing burden for our clients,” Colaluca says. “And, in most cases, we are less expensive than having this position on staff because there is no overhead of taking on another employee. We know whom we can target on behalf of our clients, and we don’t waste time knocking on doors that won’t produce results.  We creatively look at other avenues to bring in patients that may have been overlooked.”

Colaluca Marketing Services’ clients are independent physicians and small medical practices in various specialties—primary care, urgent care, sleep medicine, pain medicine, vascular, podiatry, family practice, medical spas, and more. Colaluca Marketing Services operates on a monthly fee basis with various levels of services, from an entry-level tier to more advanced options. To learn more about how the team can grow your practice, visit

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