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Refresh Dallas: A Brunch for Change

Pushing Dallas into a brighter future over breakfast tacos.
By Allyn Media |

Friendships forged on playgrounds seemingly spring up instantly, whereas in our adult life we tend to hold on to the good friends we have while purporting a “No New Friends” mentality; however brothers Tim and Terrence Maiden want to change this. The Maiden brothers founded the Maiden Foundation in 2005 with the mission of uplifting communities, building leaders, and reducing disparities. One way they are accomplishing this mission is with breakfast tacos. That’s right we said breakfast tacos!   


On May 1, 2022, over 250 local influencers and young business leaders from different industries, backgrounds, and beliefs gathered at the Nasher Sculpture Center for the sole purpose of fostering authentic connections over Brunch. Refresh, as the event is called, is a brunch experience with a purpose. Attendees had the opportunity to socialize with one another while discovering synergies that will undoubtedly push Dallas into a brighter future. Their only mission for the day was to meet 3-5 new people and ask “How can we make Dallas a better city?” 


“Tim and I believe that real measurable change begins at the social level. We can’t begin to find solutions to our cities’ inequities if we don’t have relationships with people who don’t look, think, feel, or believe as we do. This brunch event was a microcosm of what we hope the entire city will look like one day, ethnically and culturally diverse people striving to make Dallas the best it can be,” said Terrence Maiden.

For more information on the next Refresh event visit View the full event recap here.

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