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How to Make a Divorce Less Painful

For most people, divorce is one of the hardest life experiences to go through. But that doesn't mean it can't lead towards a brighter future.
By Hayley Collins Blair |

A quote that I often share with clients going through a divorce when minor children are involved is: “You cannot grow flowers in scorched earth.” Meaning that an ugly divorce where parents attack each other makes it much more difficult for them to reach a constructive resolution, let alone establish a well-functioning co-parenting relationship.

You cannot grow flowers in scorched earth.

A scorched earth type of divorce often negatively impacts both spouses and their children long after the divorce is finalized. In my family law practice at Goranson Bain Ausley, I encourage parents to focus on their most important goals and pay attention to how their emotions and behavior may affect achieving those goals. I strive to assist clients in making rational decisions for each step of the divorce process, giving careful consideration to the various options and the possible costs and benefits of each option while avoiding potentially harmful actions. I believe that this approach will best protect my clients’ children and their assets and lay the foundation for positive co-parenting post-divorce.

Focus on a brighter future

For most people, divorce is one of the hardest life experiences to go through. Divorce is, after all, the uncoupling from someone who was at the center of your life, a time of transition for you and your children.

While it is true that a divorce is a challenging event, most people do move through the process towards a brighter day and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. The smoke from a burn-it-all-down approach only serves to keep that light from shining through.

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