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4 Advantages to Boost Your Company’s Productivity with Office Flexspace

How IWG helps millions of people have a great day at work.

Much about the way the world is doing business is changing. Included in this shift is the movement toward flexible and hybrid workspaces. In the last decade alone, this innovative market has grown more than 1,000 percent. Getting closer to customers, suppliers, and talent pools; reducing costs; rapidly scaling up and down as required are among the numerous advantages of adopting a flexible workspace for your company. And then, of course, there is the distinct advantage of companies being able to focus on true business priorities—not real estate issues. Global leader International Workplace Group, IWG, with a portfolio of brands that includes Regus and Spaces, enables businesses of all sizes to enjoy these benefits to the fullest.

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IWG helps companies gain access to the customized space, infrastructure, and support they need. No set-up costs. No capital investment. Everything you need is available on IWG’s app. With co-working solutions, companies get all the benefits of a full-time office but only pay for the number of desks used. Shared office environments also mean increased opportunities for collaboration and networking. As more companies adopt this model, IWG can also help landlords and property owners gain access to this fast-growing market. (It’s already happening in 120 markets and more than 1,000 cities worldwide.) Despite the obvious challenges the rise of flexspace presents for commercial landlords, there are also potential benefits, including a reduction of tenancy void periods by retaining existing tenants and attracting new ones using a mix of short-, medium- and long-term contracts

In recognition of this need, IWG has created three different partnership models to suit each area of the real estate spectrum. Property owners and landlords can sign a management agreement with the flexible space provider, while entrepreneurs and investors can access IWG’s franchise model. Large enterprises can move away from having a large headquarter office and, instead, tap into IWG’s 3,500 global locations. By drawing on IWG’s local, national, and international infrastructure, landlords and property owners can transform their properties into places where people—and their businesses—work more productively. This enables them to add value to their property and reach a global audience of high-quality commercial tenants. Whatever format and style meet the specific needs of the building or customers—private offices, co-working solutions, business lounges, or meeting rooms—IWG makes it happen.

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Michael Beretta, vice president of network development, Americas for IWG, has more than 30 years of experience in the flexible workspace industry. He says IWG has received profound interest from building owners to institute flexible workplace centers and facilities within their properties.

“Our expertise sets us apart,” Berretta says. “We already partner successfully with 3,500 property owners in more than 120 countries. It’s an unrivaled network, and we explore opportunities in every country, city, town, village, and transport hub throughout the world. We also excel at risk management, because we can tailor our partnership to a landlord’s risk profile and preferences. IWG is a global company with over 3,500 locations and multiple brands operating in all major cities. We are by far the largest provider of these types of facilities or services on a global basis, which makes us a valuable resource to any property owner or landlord.”

This year alone, more than two million users have joined IWG’s network, bringing its total customer base to seven million and representing the largest increase in the company’s 30-year history. As part of this network, multinational corporations like Google, Amazon, and IBM minimize their exposure and risk as the world of work changes, while their employees enjoy greater flexibility in their working lives, along with the associated reductions in commuting time and costs. With more hybrid and flexible workspaces popping up, Beretta says IWG is witnessing an even larger demand for its services, particularly in the Dallas area. From Dallas and Plano to Southlake, Las Colinas, and Flower Mound, IWG’s flex workspace solutions are becoming a fixture in the Dallas-Fort Worth business scene.

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“Dallas is unique because it is home to so many corporations,” Berretta says. “IWG is experiencing a demand to fit into their hybrid working plans. Companies are starting to really take stock in how to become even more productive, and for many, this occurs when people live closer to where they work or have flexible work schedules. Our footprint allows these companies to work perfectly in these types of plans. IWG has the scope and breadth throughout each city. When you look at the Dallas area, we are not just downtown or midtown; we are all over. IWG can cover that geography in a way no other company can by utilizing our entire network. We already have these customer relationships in place, which makes us a natural candidate to partner with building owners throughout the Dallas area to bring flexible workplaces, so companies and properties can become more successful simply by distinguishing their properties from the rest.”

Curious if flex space is right for your company? Consider the four top advantages:

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IWG’s workspace solutions enable businesses to improve financial performance, minimize risk, increase efficiency, and boost productivity. Whether you need a practical workspace for local teams, executive space for senior management, or flexible access for mobile workers, IWG ensures you have the right space in the right location at the right time.

Improve Financial Performance.

No set-up cost. No capital investment. Just pay for the space you need for however long you need it, from an hour to years. At the same time, you get to remove property liabilities from your balance sheet, minimize the impact of new accounting rules on your business, and turn vacant space into income.

Adapt and React with Minimal Risk.

IWG gives you the flexibility to scale up or down with minimal upfront planning and no long-term risk. You can use our continually expanding network of workspaces to test new markets, grow your footprint, and create a business presence in practically any city in the world.

Reduce the Burden of Property Management.

Make life simple for yourself. Switch to a single contract with one outsource partner and provide workspace flexibility for your entire business. All office, co-working, and meeting spaces are set up and ready to use, and they come with business-grade internet and telephone, receptionist, kitchen, and cleaning included.

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