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Healthier Employees and a Healthier Bottom Line? No Problem.

Get better value for your health plan spend with Signify Health.

There’s one thing that every employer can agree on—healthcare isn’t getting any cheaper. Most estimates point to healthcare costs rising by a minimum of 5% each year, with most employers spending over $10,000 on each employee. Couple that with the need to provide employees with the high-quality care they deserve, and anyone can see that the environment is more challenging than ever.

Dallas-based Signify Health has been tackling the problem head-on for some of the largest employers across the country. With their Episodes of Care programs – now available in the Dallas-Fort Worth region – employers are driving greater health plan savings, better outcomes, and improved satisfaction, without major disruption to their current health plan designs or the need to wait for a new plan year.

Episodes of Care programs work by bundling costs and services together for entire health episodes, so you can avoid those inflated and wildly variable costs charged by healthcare providers. Plus, you’ll get a verified network of high-quality, affordable providers that deliver care across an entire health episode – so your employees will be able to shop, compare, and select the best care, all without disruption to your current health plan or provider network.

Activate an Episode of Care program and gain more affordable and predictable prices, better quality, and seamless coordination across sites of care for a wide range of health conditions and procedures that address as much as 60% of the average annual medical spend. Everything from knee replacement to maternity care.

To learn more about how you can quickly and easily integrate an Episodes of Care program with your health benefits package, visit signifyhealth.com/employers.