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Best Online Psychic Readings of 2021: Most Accurate Answers to Your Questions

We all often look for advice when we need to make critical decisions or deal with certain life challenges.
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Courtesy of Psychic Central

It is not unusual to be lost in life and seek guidance from online psychics. It is a plus that they can understand your situation without you having to explain everything.

Today, you have access to online psychics on call, messages, and live videos, and you can get in touch with them whenever you need. You are not required to adjust your routine to get an online psychic reading session. You can search from among thousands of psychics online and get a reading from the top-rated ones with the best reviews.

But, not all of them are genuine and gifted. Only the reputed psychic platforms can connect you with real psychics. This review is about the most reliable platforms to get readings and to help you decide which one can give you the best psychic readings.

What to Look for While Finding Best Psychics Online?

There are excellent psychics on the internet. But, they are not very easy to find. Online psychic reading platforms with better advertising may be listed on the top of a Google search. So, we decided to review several psychic reading websites to find which ones were really authentic. The following factors helped us in choosing the best online psychic reading sites.

Age of the Domain

We decided to give more weightage to psychic reading websites that have been in existence for a longer period. How did we find that? We used domain name age checker tools to find out when the website name was registered. This gave us the real information about which psychic reading sites are older.

Number of Reviews

You might think the ratings tell us about how happy the customers are with a service. That is not true in our experience. Less number of total reviews might mean some of them are fakes and belong to the psychic reading service providers themselves.

To hunt for legitimate services, we always check if sufficient numbers of users have reviewed the website. Then we consider the overall rating for the service. If the majority of readers of a psychic reading platform have received a good rating from a large number of customers, the readers may be legitimate.

Range of Services Offered

A customer satisfaction guarantee also depends on whether users are able to find what they need. Online psychic readings have many different categories. Some psychic reading platforms offer a really good range of psychic services and, thus, turn out to be very helpful for the customers.

User Interface

We know well how a confusing or over-complicated website can be a major turn-off for you. All users want is to easily and quickly find what they came to search for. Some psychic reading websites do a really great job of making all of the information easily understandable. We gave importance to such online psychic reading sites while preparing this list.

Accuracy Level of the Psychics

What matters the most to a customer is how helpful the psychic readings are. An accurate psychic reading is of great importance. The reading should make perfect sense to you. The psychic readers can only bring you clarity and offer advice if he or she is skilled enough to get accurate messages for you.

We had to try a couple of psychic readings from different psychic readers to get a sense of how good the psychic reading website was. Many psychic reading sites simply tell you what you want to hear. However, these are not authentic or reliable in any manner. Genuine websites have psychic readers that will tell you the truth, so you can make the right decision in a situation.

Top 5 Online Psychic Reading Platforms [Review]

  1. Kasamba – Best Platform for Online Psychics
  2. Keen – Very Experienced & Top-Rated Psychic Readers
  3. AskNow – Best for Career Related Questions
  4. Oranum – Best Live Video Reading Platform
  5. Mysticsense – Best for Informative Purposes

#1. Kasamba – Best Platform for Online Psychics

Courtesy of Psychic Central

Kasamba has become one of the most trusted online psychic reading websites. It has been in business for over 20 years. You will find various types of psychic readings listed on the website like tarot, astrology, career forecasts, love and relationship, etc.

We found this to be an excellent choice if you are looking for online psychic readers on call, messages, or live chat.  On this platform, you will find some of the most experienced psychic readers that are available 24/7 to help you. The platform handpicks genuine and gifted psychics to advise you through their online psychic reading platform.

They offer a broad range of psychic services like aura reading, rune casting, crystal readings, medium reading, and even readings for your pets. Kasamba’s very own chatting psychic reading online platform makes it convenient to interact with a psychic to receive your reading.

Kasamba offers three minutes of free reading after you sign up. The best part is you can get these few minutes of free reading with every psychic on the platform. This gives you a chance to feel how well you connect with a psychic before paying for a full reading.


  • Reading available through phone, email, or live chat
  • Offer many additional types of readings like picture readings, love readings, past life readings, paranormal readings, numerology, etc.
  • Dream analysis offered
  • Psychics are skilled at offering relationship advice
  • Career forecast is also available


  • Easily find experienced psychics
  • User-friendly interface makes it easier to find the best online psychic readers for you
  • Publish plenty of articles to help you learn more about psychic readings
  • Expect accurate and detailed readings on any subject relevant to you


  • Too many services can be overwhelming for new customers

Why Do We Recommend Kasamba?

Kasamba has built its reputation for over 20 years. We found abundant positive reviews about accurate psychic readings on Kasamba. It is no doubt one of the top places to find online psychics that are very gifted and can deliver immensely accurate psychic readings.

We believe you do not need to search any further once you find this website. It has every category of reading and has skilled psychics to provide amazing psychic readings. For anyone with doubts in mind, their free psychic reading sessions will help clear it.

⇒Visit the Official Website of Kasamba for the Best Discount

#2. Keen – Very Experienced & Top-Rated Psychic Readers

Courtesy of Psychic Central

Another authentic website to connect with online psychics on call, messages, or chat is Keen. This brand has served many customers for more than 20 years. You can find both new and experienced readers with impressive ratings listed on this psychic reading online platform. Their search filter makes it convenient to find the desired reading category with just a few clicks.

The profile page for each reader will tell you how many psychic readings they have done and what their special skills as a psychic are. You can also read about their approach to reading and their background info.

The categories listed on Keen include life questions, love and relationships, financial outlook, psychic mediums, astrology, and many more. We also found Keen to have one of the cleanest interfaces, making it easy for you to find the best psychic reading online.


  • Chakra cleansing to improve energy flow
  • Different types of astrology readings like Vedic, Chinese, Mayan offered
  • Receive messages from deceased loved ones with a medium reading
  • Accurate psychic reading services for career and relationship problems
  • Spiritual readings to help live a balanced life and follow the path to self-discovery


  • All categories of psychic readings
  • Majority of psychics on the site have positive reviews
  • Easy to navigate the website using search filters
  • Readers are very affordable with the first three minutes free


  • Video readings not available

Why Do We Recommend This Site?

The website has some seriously talented readers with impressive accuracy. It is a no-nonsense psychic reading online platform where you can easily find the best online psychics 24/7. You pay higher for a more experienced psychic and lower for newer ones. The website is totally legitimate with a diverse range of psychic reading services offered by their skilled psychics.

⇒Visit the Official Website of Keen for the Best Discount

#3. AskNow – Best for Career Related Questions

Courtesy of Psychic Central

If you are looking for a really affordable online psychic reading site to find online psychics on call and messages, you should definitely give this one a try. It is a simple website with clear information and experienced psychics that offer psychic readings online at a low rate.

Their customers are easily able to purchase lengthy psychic readings online to get more clarification and find elaborate solutions to their life issues. You can get a psychic reading session from their top-rated psychics or the master readers without having to pay high amounts. They also have plenty of live psychics with experience of more than 30 years.

You can expect very accurate psychic readings on the phone and chat. Just go through the reviews on the profile page before you get a psychic reading. The customer reviews seem real and would help you find the ideal psychic to get a reading. You can also go through the profile information to find the best match for your requirements.


  • Free psychic reading online for five minutes
  • Financial and career advice from the psychics
  • Past lives psychic reading will help you learn about patterns inherited from a previous life
  • Readers have a variety of different psychic skills



  • Not enough bilingual psychics
  • You need to add payment details to get free psychic reading online minutes

Why Do We Recommend This?

It is a simple online psyching reading platform where you can find some of the best psychics at extremely low rates. If you need long readings from experienced psychics, this is the best place to look up live psychics on messages, phone, and chat.

The website offers plenty of details about the listed psychics. Their profile picture will help you get a feel of what they represent. Also, you can know their Zodiac sign, total experience, and various credentials. We found it extremely easy to explore the psychic reading site and find the perfect psychic reader for our needs.

⇒Visit the Official Website of AskNow for the Best Discount

#4. Oranum – Best Live Video Reading Platform

Courtesy of Psychic Central

Oranum is great not only because it has gifted psychics, but also because it is entirely a video reading website. From pet psychics to dream interpretation, the website offers a really diverse range of services.

We found this wonderful online psychic reading site when looking for a live video reading site. We know many of you prefer video readings over call and message readings. So, if you are one of those, this site will really be useful to you.

The home page of the website is full of pictures and videos of their top psychics. You can click on their images to view their profile information or you can simply choose a reading category from the top bar on the website.

This online psychic reading platform has top psychics from all over the world.  It is a modern psychic reading website, making the psychic reading experience more convenient for the customers. If you want a face-to-face conversation with a highly skilled psychic, do check this website.


  • Free psychic reading online before you pay anything
  • Extensive filtering options to find the right psychic for you
  • In-depth bios of each psychic to get to know them before getting a psychic reading
  • Psychic readings offered via video chat


  • Free psychic reading for ten minutes to new customers who sign up
  • Customer service is very responsive and can be reached through the website or email
  • Live psychic readings are available 24/7


  • Online psychic readings are only received via video call. Phoning option is not available

Why Do We Recommend This?

There are many things we liked about Oranum. It is easily one of the best when it comes to video readings. It lets you chat with the readers without paying anything. You also get free credits that allow you to try out a few minutes of free reading if you are not familiar with the process.

The readers listed on the website are from various parts of the world. Their skills are also quite diverse. Most psychic reading site users report a very positive experience. Many were able to find the answers and insight into their own life they were looking for. The site offers an extensive range of services, so everyone can expect to find what they are looking for.

⇒Visit the Official Website of Oranum for the Best Discount

#5. Mysticsense – Best for Informative Purposes

Courtesy of Psychic Central

Another great website for online psychic readings we could not miss from the list is Mysticsense. It has many skilled psychics, but the best part is you can get a reading through phone, chat, and even on live video. The site is legitimate and has plenty of quality blogs that are very informative.

The services offered on the site are priced from low to moderate. Anyone can afford a reading from top-rated psychics on the platform. Relatively new psychics with high-rating typically price their services low while those experienced psychics read at a slightly higher rate.

We also liked how easy the user interface is. The filters make it convenient to search psychics based on their skills, category, tools, special tags, and availability. You can also sort the list of psychics by price, date, joining date, and top ratings.

Mysticsense turned out to be a balanced site with a good range of skilled psychics, a vast enough range of categories, a nice interface, and a multitude of reading options. Using this website can save you a lot of time, and you can find the perfect reading without feeling overwhelmed by the available options on the site.


  • Over 170 psychics that specialize in affairs and cheating hearts
  • Grief counselors available
  • Has psychics who specialize in finding lost objects
  • Pet psychics also available


  • Price range makes the site affordable
  • The website has a section on how to avoid scams while getting a reading
  • Free psychic reading online for five minutes for new customers on sign up
  • Relevant search filters improve your experience
  • Online psychics on call, messages, and live videos are also available


  • Not every reader offers all of the three types of readings — video, call and chat

Why Do We Recommend This Site?

This is one of the sites that impressed us with all of those factors we look for. The psychics are very gifted and experienced despite the low pricing. You can read all of the relevant information about each psychic listed on the website.

You can check for the schedule of a psychic in your own local time, which makes it easier to book one who would be available when you need the reading. You can choose a reader not only based on their skills and specialization, but also on the mode of reading they offer.

⇒Visit the Official Website of Mysticsense for the Best Discount

What to Expect from a Psychic Reading?

There are several varieties of readings like tarot, medium, rune casting, life question, prediction, and so on. The tools used for reading and the intent of the reading can both differ for each type of reading.

For instance, a medium reading brings messages to you so you can find relief from the grief of losing a loved one. Life question reading will help learn lessons that will help you grow and make better choices in the future. Astrology is a type of reading that is more concerned with a future event than with you.

So, you must choose a reading based on what you wish to get from it. Also, each psychic is different, as he or she may have a different skill or style of reading. Some psychics would deliver the message more gently so as not to hurt you, while others would be blunt and deliver messages without sugar-coating them.

How to Choose Online Psychics?

When you look for reading from online psychics on call, messages, or video, you have a much wider range of options than offline readings. This can be a good thing if you know your preferred style and type of reading.

Psychics may have different types of abilities. Some are clairvoyant, which means they can visually see the message from spirit. Others are clairaudient, who can hear the message. Some are simply intuitive. They can feel the answers that are meant for you.

As long as the reader is truly gifted and has a genuine intention to help you, the tools used do not matter. But, under some conditions, it may matter. For a medium reading, a clairvoyant might better describe the deceased person in his or her spirit form relative to a clairaudient or clairsentient.

Why Choose Online Readings over Offline Readings?

You might think offline readings make it easier to interact with the psychic than online readings. While it is true that offline readings have certain advantages, the benefits of an online reading easily outnumber those of offline psychic readings.

  • You can receive a reading 24/7
  • A wider range of choices allows you to pick the best reader for you
  • With online readings, you can read several customer reviews before booking a reading
  • Most platforms offer few minutes of free reading when you book online readings
  • You are not limited by your geography and can choose the desired category of reading
  • You can quit an online reading the moment you want

FAQs on Online Psychic Readings

Q1. How accurate are psychic readings?

The accuracy of these readings depends on the skill and experience of a reader. Psychics spend years refining their skills so they can get better accuracy. Some are naturally very gifted and can give you spot-on readings even if they lack professional experience.

A psychic can tell you about events that have taken place or that might take place in the future. They can also tell you about the root cause of your or someone else’s behavior towards you. Psychics can help you see patterns in life and find the origins and ways to break the undesired ones.

Mediums are those psychics who connect with deceased loved ones to bring messages from them. Genuine psychics will bring a very accurate message that will help you find confirmation that these are really coming from the person you know.

Q2. What is a Tarot deck?

Sometimes psychics use Tarot cards to deliver unbiased readings. These cards also help bring messages for different aspects of your life. Like, in a past, present, and future reading, three different cards would help get insight into the different time periods.

A Tarot deck has 78 cards. These are divided into two categories — 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. Only skilled tarot readers are able to interpret the meaning of these cards correctly.

Major arcana tells about a life lesson you need to learn to break free from a negative pattern. It does not focus on the immediate issue but brings attention to the bigger picture or a more permanent issue. On the other hand, minor arcana helps you understand the current situation you are dealing with.

Q3. How to prepare for a psychic reading?

You really do not need to do anything to prepare for a reading, as a psychic reader taps into your energy to give a reading. Your physical appearance has nothing to do with reading. However, some psychics prefer it if you do not wear any ornament that is too distractive.

But, most psychics only expect you to be psychologically open and receptive to reading. Do not start reading with any sort of biases. If you book a reading with an open mind, you can expect a great reading with a skilled psychic.

Your doubt might interfere with the results of a reading. A mature psychic might still be able to get accurate information about you. But, it is best not to let your doubts get in the way of a reading. This is especially true if you have had a negative experience with a prior psychic. Do not let your bias influence your current reading.

Q4. How to choose the reading type?

Well, it depends on the situation you are dealing with and the kind of solution you are seeking. Do you need relief from suffering? Do you want specific answers? Are you trying to predict a future event? Do you want to understand the cause of an issue?

If you have the answer to those, you can decide if you need a love relationship reading, astrology reading, tarot reading, medium reading, or a past life reading. Most of the websites we have reviewed offer some free minutes when you first sign up.

You must also read the profile page of a psychic reader to know more about their reading styles and skills. Readers might describe their reading style as a gentle reader or someone who is straightforward and blunt. Do make sure you pick the style you prefer.

If you are severely heartbroken, it is best you choose someone who delivers the messages quite gently. The choice of reader’s skills is very subjective. As long as the psychic delivers accurate reading, it does not matter what tools he or she uses. But, if you have a particular preference, you can check their profile page to make the choice.

Q5. Who can become a psychic?

Some people are naturally gifted and just need to practice more to enhance their skills. Others may not have those skills at all and would need to go through years of training under experienced teachers to acquire psychic abilities.

It also depends on the tools a psychic uses. Those with natural psychic abilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc., do not need tools and can give you accurate readings without needing any tools. Some still use tools like a Tarot deck for better results.

So, anyone who is either naturally gifted or has a keen desire to learn and practice can become a psychic. But, it is not something that happens overnight. It requires commitment and dedication to unlock psychic abilities and refine them.

Q6. What kind of things can a psychic reader tell about me?

A psychic reader can tell you about the cause of your current problems, advise you on your relationship issues, help you identify or gain a better understanding of your career goals, or predict future events so you can prepare for them in advance.

Some psychics, like past life readers, are able to find links between your present and your past life events. This can help you identify life patterns created by events of a previous life. This can help you find healing and break those painful patterns in your present life.

There are really no limitations to what a psychic reader can tell you. It depends on the unique gifts of a psychic. If you are looking for a specific type of guidance, you can search the top psychic platforms we have reviewed. Some of these sites allow you to talk to the psychics and ask them for details about the services they offer.

Conclusion: Which Is the Best Online Psychic Reading Platform?

We are fortunate that we can get psychic advice anywhere and anytime using technology. These online psychic platforms have made it possible to receive psychic readings online and choose from hundreds and thousands of psychics based on your preferred reading style, mode, and category.

It took a lot of time and effort to create this list of platforms where you can search for online psychics on call, messages, and live video. But, we hope this will make it easier for you to find real, authentic psychics that can advise you on life problems and help you see the path forward.

If you are clear about what to expect after getting a psychic reading, it will be easier for you to choose the ideal platform for you and find the best psychic reader to bring more understanding to you about a life situation. These reputed sites have customer support that responds promptly to your queries. If you are unsure about their service, you can get more clarification from them.

Go through these psychic reading sites and look into the variety of services offered on these platforms. If you feel drawn to a specific form of reading or a particular psychic reader, you can try your free minutes with them and see if they can get accurate and meaningful messages for you. However, do check the customer reviews before trying any reader.

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