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18 Best Instagram Growth Services of 2021

Check out our list of Instagram growth services to help maximize your time and energy and simply take the guesswork out of choosing which accounts to follow.
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Whether you’re an influencer, a creative professional, or the representative of an organization, Instagram offers a powerful way to connect with your audience and build your brand. The key to achieving Instagram success is creating excellent content while quickly growing your followers, and the best Instagram growth services of 2021 can help.

Instagram growth services help busy people maximize their time and energy. Sometimes, they simply take the guesswork out of choosing which accounts to follow. Other times, they fully automate multiple forms of engagement, including likes, follows, unfollows, comments, and shares.

Unlike past Instagram growth services that had a reputation for feeling inauthentic and “spammy,” the best Instagram growth services of 2021 are intuitive to use and effective at getting results.

#1. SocialMeep – The Best Overall Instagram Growth Service of 2021

SocialMeep tops our list because it’s a premier tool for generating real, automatic growth. Once you sign up, you will be able to configure your audience settings to target your specific niche (i.e: fitness, business, e-commerce, fashion, etc). SocialMeep focuses on performing lightweight micro-interactions such as story viewing, post liking, and comment liking. They don’t follow/unfollow or post for you.

This method helps protect you from violating Instagram policies and having your account blocked. However, it is also the most effective pathway to long-term success. This is because SocialMeep utilizes Machine Learning and AI optimization to ensure that none of your new followers are fake profiles or bots.

#2. Treefrog Social

Treefrog Social focuses on easy, organic growth. The company welcomes small businesses and individual artists and influencers. Meanwhile, they are also the trusted choice of major organizations, which include MTV, the Food Network, Sony Music, and the National Football League.

Treefrog is committed to using its human-powered system to help subscribers obtain hundreds of new followers, thousands of new likes, and long-term, loyal fans.

#3. Growthoid

Growthoid is perfect if you want to balance security with freedom. On one hand, the Growthoid team handles every aspect of account management for you. On the other, Growthoid provides detailed reports and top-notch customer service.

This allows you to focus on more critical tasks than gaining followers, like increasing the quality of your content and improving your service or product. It also encourages you to keep a close watch on how your account is growing and to step in and make adjustments when needed.

#4. Upleap

Upleap takes a multi-tiered approach to help you grow your audience. First, members of a  human-powered team follow you, react to your stories, and interact with your live broadcasts. Second, you’re assigned a dedicated account manager who provides you with highly personalized feedback. Third, Upleap shares your profile externally so that it can be indexed by search engines that will generate greater growth.

Finally, Upleap offers first-time clients a free three-day trial and collects no up-front payment information.

#5. Ampfluence

This is another human-powered service designed to amplify your Instagram growth.

It’s trusted across multiple industries, and each new account holder begins the process with a personal consultation. You then receive professional assistance when setting targets for your brand and when expanding your reach over time.

Finally, all site visitors are invited to download a free Instagram marketing guide.

#6. IG Clerk

This manual growth service takes great pride in following all of Instagram’s official policies and procedures. Choosing IG Clerk is a great choice if you want to be 100 percent sure your account is safe from being blocked as it grows.

#7. Stellation Media

Stellation Media is a service that uses artificial intelligence to stimulate organic growth.

Their signature piece of technology, Mass Story Engager, allows users to easily set target accounts and to select the types of responses they would normally provide in polls and comments.

Stellation Media’s Mass Story Engager also uses automation to complete direct messages, likes, follows, and unfollows. At any point in time, you can adjust your rate of engagement, as well as review and update the types of responses that Stellation’s system has been making on your behalf.

#8. Nitreo

This service also uses automation techniques to organically build your following. However, it stands out by offering additional tools for brand development.

Nitreo offers a simple two-minute setup procedure with a two-week money-back guarantee.

#9. Ingramer

Ingramer is an automated audience growth service that focuses on speed. So, if you’re looking for a service that will help you create a large audience quickly, this could be the perfect resource for you.

The service is also a one-stop Instagram solution as it offers post scheduling alongside automated messages, likes, comments, and follows.

#10. StormLikes

StormLikes specializes in using its network to get more eyes on your content quickly. Having views helps you grow followers and likes. However, StormLikes also offers plans exclusive to increasing each of these as well.

StormLikes’ network is free of bots and ghost accounts, so you can be sure all new engagement is genuine.

#11. Social Viral

Social Viral provides basic automated Instagram growth services. They offer increased followers, likes, and views from genuine profiles, which allow for safe and effective account growth.

By focusing on fast, quality service available for low, affordable rates, Social Viral has become one of the very best budget-friendly audience growth solutions.

#12. Follow Adder

This top-rated Instagram bot is specially designed for business Instagram users. You can easily and intuitively set up, customize, and manage your daily Instagram activities. These include scheduling posts, uploading images, and engaging across Instagram. Many users trust this program for safely growing both their follower bases and daily engagements.


This automation service specializes in mimicking real human interaction. It’s our go-to recommendation if you want to use a bot for audience growth but fear getting your account disabled. also stands out by offering superior hashtag and username-based targeting options, as well as by eliminating ongoing fees with its one-off payment system.

#14. Trusy

Trusy offers basic audience growth automation, as well as unique audience growth programs. At the core of Trusy’s unique offerings is the strategy to combine strategic give-aways with celebrity partnerships.

When you choose Trusy, your account is included in weekly influencer giveaways, resulting in more followers. Partnerships with major celebrities like Cardi B. also help put your account over the edge.

Finally, if you’re also growing a TikTok following, Trusy can help with that too.

#15. Media Mister

This program automates your Instagram engagements, as well as your engagements across other social media platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Spotify, Pinterest, and more.

If you’re concerned about synchronizing your cross-platform engagement, Media Mister is for you.

#16. More Likes

A company with a name that perfectly describes what it delivers, More Likes is a guaranteed way to get extra likes for your Instagram posts. Yet, the expert team behind this cutting-edge tech delivers the likes via authentic profiles maintained by other people who have opted into More Likes’ Like Program.

Basically, whenever you post new content, More Likes will detect it and then circulate it among a network of users who have agreed to supply your content with likes.

Recently, More Likes expanded its offerings to include more followers, more views, and more saves. Specific prices vary according to the type of engagement that you choose and the amount of engagement that you want.

#17. Task Ant

Hashtags are the perfect way to build an organic Instagram following on your own. However, some hashtags have far more followers and engagement than others, and it can be extremely hard to tell the difference.

Task Ant gives you detailed hashtag data and analytics for any hashtag you can imagine. It is an essential tool if you’re growing engagement on your own.

#18. PlanMyPost

Long-term growth comes from making quality posts, consistently, over a long period of time. As a result, building a strong posting strategy is a key part of any growth management plan.

As its name suggests, PlanMyPost acts like an automated, personal assistant for managing your Instagram posts.

This tool saves time and utilizes a simple-to-use dashboard with settings customized to match your needs. It also excels at offering image-editing support.

Best Practices for Using an Instagram Growth Service

If you’re going to use a bot to automate your Instagram growth, it may be tempting to push it to maximum capacity. However, this is a definite red flag. Instead, it’s best to limit the number of followers and likes you add per day, as well as to vary it some between days.

Some tasks also seem more obviously automated than others. For example, simply gaining followers and likes at a steady pace can be achieved by a variety of methods. So, if you are consistently posting quality content, and if you have set realistic limits on bot activity, using bots to gain likes and followers is unlikely to get you banned.

Meanwhile, using tools to make comments, answer polls, and send direct messages is more suspicious. These may be obviously out of sync with others in the thread, and that is a recipe for negative feedback. The same thing is true when automated messages become repetitive and overwhelming.

Most top-quality services allow you to customize exactly which tasks you want to automate, and sticking to only followers, views, and likes is a smart strategy.

Why use an Instagram growth service to build your brand?

As a whole, social media has become an essential element of any marketing project. It’s convenient to maintain, and it has a massive reach both because of the number and variety of people who use it, as well as because of how convenient it is to use.

Social networks and associated analytics tools can also provide an unprecedented amount of information about your audience, as well as about your competition.

In all these cases, what might have once taken significant time, energy, and funds to execute can be done with a few simple clicks. However, maintaining long-term momentum for your brand isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Instagram is an excellent platform for building brands because it is highly visual and memorable. Stories and lives also encourage consistent engagement. However, unless you are using your platform to post daily, as well as to interact with other posts, you will not go far.

Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult, if not nearly impossible, to give Instagram the personal attention it needs while performing other work and life-related tasks. This is where bots make all the difference by simplifying the process, exposing you to more accounts than you could discover on your own, and rapidly increasing the rate at which engagement occurs.

If you are sick and tired of liking and commenting on other people’s social posts, then a growth service provides the relief and support you need.

Which type of Instagram growth tools are best in 2021?

Thanks to Instagram’s crackdown on bots known for spam, growth services that take a more organic approach to automation are the gold standard.

Meanwhile, there’s a wide variety of tasks these bots can perform. It has also become increasingly common to custom-fit multiple bots to meet your personal needs.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the most common tasks performed by Instagram growth services and how these can help grow your brand:

Automatically follow other accounts on your behalf. The idea behind this strategy is that people you follow will often follow you back in return. This also helps friends see your page, which encourages more people to follow you.

Automatically like other people’s posts and comment on them on your behalf. This strategy gives the impression that you’re active online and opens up opportunities for collaboration.

Can comment on and like your own posts. The idea here is that the comments and likes will either come from, or appear to come from, other Instagram users. This also helps make your account feel active and encourages other people to engage with your posts in a way that leads to deeper interactions and brand loyalty.

Basically, engagement services stimulate activity within your account and build your following by helping you find and create relationships with well-matched accounts, or by generating mini-bots that stand-in for authentic user accounts and can be used to increase likes and followers.

Additionally, there are services that do not focus on engagement and growth but that help you plan and post content regularly, a known engagement and growth-building strategy.

Why do people invest in engagement growth services?

While it might feel strange to place money toward something you can do on your own, the pay-off of using a bot is often worth its cost. After all, marketing teams are hired to complete tasks that one person could do on their own provided there was enough time.

The thing is there is rarely enough time, and Instagram growth services function a lot like the latest member of your marketing team. For established organizations, investing in one, rather than in a person, can also have a financial benefit.

On the other hand, bots also make major targeted marketing possible for many individual artists and influencers who act as their own personal marketing team and benefit massively from the added insight and support that using bots provides.

In some ways, growth services can crowd the space of internet marketing. In others, they simply level the playing field by allowing more small entrepreneurs a well-deserved chance at success.

If you’re not quite sure if a bot will work for you, you may benefit from trying services that offer trial periods and moneyback guarantees.

When you consider that over 200 million people use Instagram daily to discover new content and to check in on their favorite influencers, exploring paths to better Instagram growth feels like a no-brainer.

The Key to Long-term Engagement is Content

While bots can certainly help build and sustain your base of followers, content is really the key to keeping them actively engaged.

Creating excellent content for your audience first requires that you have a very clear understanding of who your audience is. You may think that you’re attracting a certain type of follower. However, many bots offer data that shows other types of people are more naturally attracted to your work.

You can use this information to make content that’s better-tailored to meet the needs of your actual audience. Likewise, you can change the type of content you make to more clearly attract the intended audience for your work.

Generally speaking, content that is relatable, helpful, actionable, and entertaining wins the most attention. Images that show action and relationships will also attract more attention than those that show static objects or overly familiar, obviously staged scenes.

Ideally, content should appeal to multiple emotions at once and spark a sensation that makes experiencing it memorable to your social followers.

In addition to creating great content, it also needs to be posted frequently on a consistent schedule that’s maintained over time. This is difficult for many people to achieve, and it’s another area where bots that help you pre-plan and auto-schedule posts can be extremely helpful.

Finally, choosing hashtags wisely makes a significant difference in who is able to see your posts. Some bots assist with hashtag selection by making suggestions unique to your content, as well as by providing data on how a variety of different hashtags perform.

Steps to Take if Your Instagram Account is Disabled or Suspended

In the rare event that actively networking via your Instagram account leads to trouble, it’s important to remain calm. Usually, being banned from the network is temporary, lasting between one and 7 days.

If this happens, simply see it as an indicator that you need to adjust your existing marketing tools, reducing your rate of growth slightly, and pursuing more organic, long-term connections.

While permanent bans do happen, the chances of this occurring without warning are very low. Typically, an account holder is notified of what’s happening and what they need to do to resolve the issue before the ban is actually put in place.

If you receive notice from Instagram that your account may be in violation of engagement policies, pay attention. But don’t panic.

Remember the following tips to be sure you are using Instagram growth services properly and with low risk:

  • Focus on using bots that help you schedule and consistently post content at peak times of the day.
  • Avoid using bots to send direct messages, make comments, and answer polls.
  • Reduce the number of likes, follows, and views being generated by bots.
  • Vary the number and the timing of likes, follows, and views to reflect natural fluctuations throughout the week.
  • Stick to bots that engage with authentic user profiles rather than using bots that generate their own profiles for the purpose of boosting engagement only.
  • Combine your use of bots with the use of other social media tools that can help you enhance the quality of your hashtags, posts, and stories.

Even though reducing the number of daily engagements may feel like it’s slowing down your growth, the recommended limitations still exceed what many individuals can accomplish. This is especially true when you consider that individuals not only have to set aside enough time to fulfill the work but also must keep their minds free from tiredness and distraction.

Recommended limits for social engagements on Instagram are here:

  • Limit follows to between seven and 13 per hour. Do not exceed 100 to 150 new follows per day.
  • Like no more than 300 to 400 of your followers’ posts daily.
  • Leave no more than two to four comments per hour, and keep daily comments below 20.
  • Send no more than 10 direct messages per hour.

These limits come from a 2020 study of Instagram users and remain accurate in 2021. When experimenting with what your personal limits are, start on the small end of the range and see what happens. Generally speaking, larger limits are associated with larger, better-established accounts.

By experimenting with an amount slightly below the lower end of each range, individuals and new brands are likely to avoid any trouble as they still grow at a steady rate.

Final Thoughts

While using Instagram growth services haphazardly comes with some risks, the benefits of using them responsibly are tremendous and worth the effort. Some of the highlights of using the best Instagram growth services of 2021 include:

Saving time. Within the world of business, sometimes finding time is more valuable than finding new revenue streams. Instagram growth services help you make the most of the platform without losing time in your day. In some cases, you may even gain a few hours by allowing Instagram bots to carry the load.

Slight shifts to your marketing strategy are also easier and less time-consuming to execute when bots are involved. You can order changes by making a few updates to a dashboard and then let your bot take care of business while you focus on more important things, or get some much-needed rest.

Sharing consistently. It honestly bears repeating that consistent, high-value content is key to succeeding on Instagram. The best Instagram growth services all work in part by encouraging you to schedule a consistent variety of posts and stories sure to attract more genuine engagement long-term.

Gaining exposure.  One of the primary reasons to use Instagram growth services is to gain more widespread exposure for your account. Some services may work better for you than others, and there’s no problem in trying out a few different providers to see what works best.

Throughout that process, your message will get out to a wide variety of viewers. You will also have the chance to learn more about the types of profiles Instagram offers, and you will have exposure to what your competitors are doing.

Freeing your focus. This goes hand-in-hand with having time. When it comes to building a brand and growing your audience, it’s easy to stop giving your attention to anything else. The result is that both your social content and the quality of whatever product or service you’re offering suffers.

One of the most powerful ways that the 18 best Instagram growth services can help in 2021 is giving you the freedom to focus more on what really matters: making excellent content, perfecting your business, getting rest, and actively engaging in life.

While getting rest and enjoying life don’t top most entrepreneurs’ to-do lists, they probably should. A well-rested mind works more efficiently than a tired one. Meanwhile, the quality and diversity of your life experiences enriches the content you create and broadens your perspective about what people actually want, need, and will relate to.

It can be easy to sit in your office, behind your screen, feeling as though your personal social media experience reflects everyone’s social media experience. However, that is simply not the case. Using Instagram growth services in 2021 is an excellent way to discover how wide the world of Instagram truly is, while organically achieving influencer status and major recognition for your brand.


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