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Understand Your Teams Before You Add New People to Them

A person’s resume may matter less than their behavioral makeup, and how they balance your current team.
By The Predictive Index |

Every new year begins with grand ambitions. New goals, new product offerings, and, ideally, new people to onboard.

You might be turning the calendar with a little extra vigor this year, too, considering the past nine months. But the economic landscape isn’t changing overnight, so it’s wise to approach any Q1 hire with cautious optimism.

What does that mean? It starts with taking stock of the team you have. Team cohesion is more important than ever. Especially if you have a limited budget to work with, you need new team members to work seamlessly within the existing group. A person’s resume may matter less than their behavioral makeup, and how they balance your current team.

Specifically, think about:

  • What sort of personalities you have on the team
  • How risk-tolerant your team is as a whole
  • Whether your goals include innovation and growth
  • How much precision and process matter to your organization

To understand whether a person is a fit for the team, you need to first assess existing team dynamics. A team assessment software tool like PI Design can help you visualize where the group is strong, where it’s lacking, and what behavioral attributes you need most out of that new team member to help the team execute its goals successfully.

If your current team is full of more extroverted, risk-tolerant personalities, you may benefit from adding someone who weighs risk and adheres to rules—especially if you operate in a more regulated industry or seek to increase efficiency.

Make those hires count by making sure they fit.

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