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What Do I Need to Know About Facial Rejuvenation Surgery and Lasers?

Looking to start the year with a fresh face? Dr. A. Jay Burns weighs in on what to know before trusting your face in someone else's hands.

After 30 years of specializing in all types of plastic surgery, why are you now focusing on facial rejuvenation surgery and lasers?

Facial rejuvenation surgery is probably the most challenging of all aesthetic procedures because it is the most emotional procedure. People look at their faces every day, which is why they notice visible changes associated with aging here the most. There is a fine line between obtaining excellent results and maintaining a natural look. This is my priority, and I am passionate about it.

Patients who keep themselves in good shape, listen well, and carefully follow instructions can hasten recovery and optimize the result.

What makes a great facelift?

Without a doubt, the obvious answer to this is a well-designed and well-executed plan. I am passionate about skin health, and unusually so for a surgeon. I have a full team of professionals who address skin every day at Resurrect Skin M.D. This passion plays out in my facelifts because if you don’t address skin health at the time of facial rejuvenation, the skin can look older than the results of the facelift. The result is a great facelift, but an unnatural-looking appearance. This occurs because the skin’s age doesn’t match the facial contour age. Another key to a great facelift is the patient. Patients who keep themselves in good shape, listen well, and carefully follow instructions can hasten recovery and optimize the result. If patients have proper expectations and adhere to the surgeon’s recommendations, they usually experience a more-than-satisfactory result and an enjoyable experience.

What qualifications should I look for in a surgeon for my facelift?

A comprehensive consultation with a plastic surgeon who specializes in facelifts is mandatory. In my practice, we discuss the four types of aging—gravitational laxity, dynamic expression lines, the quality of the skin, and volume loss. All these considerations must be weighed, examined, and discussed. Then, a unique and individualized plan can be designed to optimize safety and result. The patient can adequately balance the risks, benefits, and expectations to make a wise decision. A good, experienced facelift surgeon will address this in clear communication. It’s the key to a successful outcome and a happy patient.

What are some of the new facial rejuvenation procedures offered that can enhance a facelift?

I trained with one of the best facial surgeons in the world, and his technique remains my most thorough approach to facial aging. (See the results online at skintolife.com.) However, this approach is reserved for advanced facial aging and comes with some downtime that must be considered. In more than 30 years of practice, I have developed less extensive and less invasive options that work great for many patients who don’t have as much aging and/or who do not have the luxury of tolerating significant downtime. Also, 90 % of patients will not accept surgery and want less invasive options with minimal downtime. I hear these patients and have developed two other facial rejuvenation procedures that maximize outcomes and minimize downtime. The Resurrect Face and Resurrect Neck procedures can often be performed using local anesthesia and without hospitalization. This is the least aggressive approach. My favorite, and the most popular, is an approach half-way between the two, which yields impressive results and reduced downtime. A thorough consultation is required to determine which approach is best for the patient. It is simply a journey to understand the procedure as well as weigh the risk, and downtimes and have realistic expectations of what each procedure can deliver. The great news is that there are options!

Dr. A. Jay Burns, named numerous times as a Best Doctor in Dallas in D Magazine and has been voted by his peers as a Texas Super Doctor 17 years in a row, since the inception of the award. He has enjoyed a prestigious academic career and successful, busy clinical practice during the last 30 years. He is best known for facial and skin rejuvenation and has a unique surgical perspective, passion, and skill set that allow him to surgically address the most challenging consequences of facial aging. He remains a world leader, researcher, educator, and champion for patients who desire nonsurgical or minimally invasive solutions with reduced downtime. Dr. Burns is uniquely qualified to balance results, safety, and downtime, matching the most appropriate procedure and treatment plan to patient expectations and priorities. He is excited to announce the opening of a premier facility under his sole guidance and direction, Resurrect Skin M.D. The new practice’s mission statement is “Bringing Skin to Life Through Science, Care, and Compassion.” Resurrect Skin M.D. encompasses Dr. Burns’ facial surgery practice and his skincare, laser, aesthetic technology, and research center. It is uniquely designed to host frequent, exciting educational events for his patients, as well as for his colleagues and peers. Learn more at skintolife.com.


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