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How to Choose a Bank That’s Right for You

Five strengths to look for when selecting a bank for you or your company.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost everyone and everything—banking included. Michael Garner, Texas and Oklahoma regional president of UMB Bank, says to look for the following strengths in your financial partner, particularly during challenging or uncertain times.


“A bank should always think about clients on an individual basis. There are many things a bank can do to grow that relationship, and we are always looking at different ways to get to know each client better. For us, those personal relationships are still what’s most important.”

Technologically Advanced.

“When you think about everything we’ve faced in 2020, I feel fortunate that as a bank we’ve been able to leverage technology when it is needed most, in addition to still providing that personal interaction with clients. When banks have to limit operations due to health concerns and you can’t go into a branch to make a deposit or a withdrawal, being able to pick up the phone and work through your needs with your banker is crucial. At UMB Bank, our strong technology platform has created efficiencies for clients through online banking, integrated payables, mobile deposit, and commercial cards, which shows that we have made technology a priority and we will be there for our customers when they need us most.”

Courtesy of UMB Bank


“We have seen a lot of success and growth in the Texas market from our commercial and real estate teams. Manufacturers, contractors, and wholesale distributors have been generally performing well across the board. We have assisted them with expansion in working capital to acquisition financing, which has helped them grow new lines of business while they have adapted in 2020. Even during these unusual times, we are seeing an increase in our customer base as well as our overall market share in Dallas-Fort Worth, something we attribute to our focus on building relationships with new and existing clients. We continue to grow and are excited for the future.”


“Customers should have access to a wide range of services that fit their individual needs. Our corporate trust group is the No. 3 trustee and the No. 3 paying agent in the U.S. based on new deals. Our private wealth management group provides a variety of solutions for those seeking anything from mortgage banking to estate planning and our UMB Fund Services division has $200 billion in assets under administration and provides unique, highly customizable technology for fund accounting, recordkeeping, and reporting to the private equity industry. The key in this equation is having a bank that is large enough to offer the products and services a client needs while still being able to provide that personalized relationship.”


“UMB Bank has proven to be nimble, flexible, and responsive, particularly in this unknown environment. Because of our 107-year history, we have a solid foundation as good financial stewards for our customers and communities. In the end, we believe people do business with us because they trust what we do and the counsel we provide. We look forward to continuing to serve our communities and customers for the next century and beyond.”

UMB’s mission is to exceed the expectations of its customers and communities. UMB provides customers with services ranging from everyday accounts and lending to financial reviews and wealth management. Even during the pandemic, you can now schedule an appointment to visit UMB’s lobby and meet with a banker. Appointments can be scheduled directly at


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