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Style and Substance

Five ways Park Place Dealerships gives clients an exceptional car-purchasing (and car-owning) experience.

Jaguar, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Land Rover, and Lexus. They’re the crème de la crème of high-end vehicle brands, offering the ultimate in slick styling, curve-hugging control, and raw power. Those names alone would be enough to attract clients to Park Place Dealerships, but Park Place doesn’t stop there. In addition to all the luxurious new and used vehicles are devoted, knowledgeable people committed to building relationships that keep clients coming back. Here are five ways that Park Place incorporates both style and substance into the car-purchasing (and car-owning) experience.

Courtesy of Park Place Dealerships

1. Building genuine relationships with clients is part of Park Place’s DNA.

When the company was founded over thirty years ago, its mission was to provide extraordinary ownership experiences for its clients. That mission remains the same today. Members of Park Place’s sales and service teams make an effort to develop real connections with their clients and to maintain those connections over the years—and even across generations. Park Place Marketing Director Anam Ali Hashambhai says, “Some of our salespeople have been with the organization since around the time that it was founded, and they’ve built such special relationships with their clients. People will purchase cars from them, and only them, because their mom bought their cars from them or their grandparents bought their cars from them. It’s a generational thing.”

2. Park Place’s facilities look like resorts.

Fresh flowers, flat-screen televisions, stylish furnishings, and fast, free Wi-Fi are not the norm for most car dealerships, but they’re just another way Park Place goes above and beyond the expectations. Hashambhai says, “We pay attention to every detail in our facilities. Our dealerships are inviting, fresh, bright, and modern. We ultimately want you to feel at home and comfortable in the environment, whether you’re purchasing a car, waiting for your car to be serviced, or just shopping around.”

Courtesy of Park Place Dealerships

3. Park Place’s One-Touch Process makes purchasing a car a seamless experience.

Visiting a car dealership usually involves being shuffled from person to person, but not at Park Place. Hashambhai explains, “We really wanted the client to feel comfortable during the purchase process, so we created something called One Touch. From when the client walks in to when they walk out, they’re not being moved from sales to finance to a waiting area. With One Touch, clients deal with just one person from start to finish.”

4. Building a better community is something Park Place cares deeply about.

Through its #ParkPlaceCares initiative, Park Place Dealerships supports around 250 local charities and nonprofit organizations each year. It has developed close relationships with some of the area’s most cherished institutions, including the Dallas Arboretum, Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center, and Cook Children’s Health Care System. “We really try to support organizations that are directly contributing to the community in a very tangible way that we can look at and see what our dollars went towards,” says Hashambhai.

Courtesy of Park Place Dealerships

5. Park Place’s pandemic protocols make it possible to purchase a car while staying safe at home.

Clients are welcome to visit all of Park Place’s eight dealerships, where cleaning crews are serious about regularly sanitizing surfaces. If you’d rather stay home, Park Place’s members can organize Zoom or FaceTime showings of vehicles, and its Path to Purchase tool walks you through the purchasing process virtually. A Park Place member will even come to you with documents to complete the sale. They literally go the extra mile!

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