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This North Texas Nonprofit Is Doing ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ Right, and With Excellence

Bryan’s House – A haven for underserved children with special medical, education, domestic and mobility needs, during COVID-19.
By Bryan's House |

When diversity, equality, and inclusion are mentioned online, on zoom, on social media platforms or TV – folks often talk about skin color and culture – but rarely does a medical challenge or other disabilities get discussed in the same forum.

Underserved children with special needs and their families have multi-faceted challenges right now. With CBS, NPR, FOX, CNN, and other national news agencies reporting how the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted family routines around the world, for underserved families with children with medical conditions or developmental disabilities, these disruptions are amplified threefold.

Public uncertainty makes schedules unpredictable and maintaining previous routines a challenge. When you add unemployment and lack of access to resources—families are really struggling to stay in their homes and off the streets.

Bryan’s House is a quiet-achieving nonprofit, working with this population exclusively in the North Texas region to serve ages 0-21 for wrap-around services including medically-managed care in class, therapies onsite, NAEYC accredited curriculum and holistic family support services to address crises, and prevent homelessness for this population.

With COVID-19, changing the schedule for a child with Autism or Asperger’s has led to many setbacks, trauma, and even more developmental delays for children. When Bryan’s House re-opens their onsite classrooms, those children will have everything they need to thrive. The virtual programs they have conducted since March have been a lifeline. Families have had case management and support to maintain services 24/7.

Courtesy of Bryan’s House

Bryan’s House is hosting their Annual Luncheon on April 7, 2021, with panelists from Microsoft, EY, AT&T, Ericsson, RoboKind, discussing AI, technology, and workplace solutions to help employers and their teams integrate those with disabilities into their cultures. To sponsor a table and their onsite programs please email [email protected] or call 214.559.3946 for more details.

Bryan’s House provides pathways to inclusion that are working, Families can find good jobs, pay their bills, manage the health needs of the children, and so much more.


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