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With a U-Shaped Recovery Expected, Now Is the Time to Start a Career in Real Estate

Thinking a step ahead.

The best business minds know that where there’s a challenge, there’s an opportunity. With the advent of COVID-19 and its subsequent effect on the economy, real estate markets are among the first to feel the impact. However, they’re also among the first to recover, and top real estate professionals are already positioning themselves to take full advantage of a U-shaped recovery. Are you?

Courtesy of The CE Shop

One of several highly-anticipated COVID-19 vaccines is currently in the third round of clinical trials, and others are showing signs of promise. Leading health experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci anticipate “hundreds of millions” of doses will be ready by early 2021. Once distribution begins, economists anticipate a strong recovery since the current economic downturn isn’t the result of the fundamental failure of our financial system.

And speaking of fundamentals, Dallas is one of the best places to pursue a career in real estate. With a diverse job sector, a wealth of affordable housing, and plenty to do, the pre-COVID Dallas market possessed serious momentum and remains ready for take-off yet again. That means if you’re considering switching to a career in real estate, now is the time to start thinking a step ahead. Choose The CE Shop to get started building your future in real estate.


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