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5 Best CBD Oils for Sleep and Insomnia

The CBD Break ranked their top 5 CBD oils to help you catch up on your much needed beauty sleep.

Sleep is hard to come by for most people. But when you throw in multiple nights and possibly weeks of insomnia, then sleep, or lack thereof becomes a hugely stressful and potentially hazardous issue.

According to, “approximately a quarter of the adult population have sleeping problems and an estimated 6 percent to 10 percent have an insomnia disorder.” When people suffer from insomnia, they have a hard time falling and/or staying asleep, do not get restful sleep, and struggle with fatigue, mood disturbances, and have a difficult time concentrating.

In the past, when an individual was having sleep issues or was suffering from insomnia, they would call their primary care doctor and possibly be sent to a sleep specialist, or even prescribed dangerous and potentially addictive sleeping pills. It seems, though, that times are definitely changing.

CBD is quickly rising in popularity in part because of its many documented healing properties. And with that rise also comes an influx of CBD brands out onto the market. In order to help our readers sift through the mass confusion of brands and products, we’ve worked in conjunction with The CBD Break to explore various sleep issues and insomnia and how CBD oil can help to quell them. We will also objectively put forth our findings for what we consider to be the best CBD oil for sleep and insomnia.

How Our CBD Oil for Sleep List Came About

Before we could even begin to write our article, we first began looking at what CBD oil brands were popular on the market. Because lots of brands have popped up due to CBD’s recent popularity, our list quickly became almost unmanageable.

We next took all of those brands and compared them to each other through reading customer reviews, investigating how each brand sources its hemp and formulates its products, and whether the brands use independent third-party labs to inspect each of its products. We also looked at how transparent each brand is and whether they give customers easy access to the third-party test results.

Based on what we discovered, we cut our list down until we only had but a few brands remaining. We then looked even closer at the brands that were left on the list. And, after cutting our list down even more, we were finally left with the five CBD oil brands that are profiled further down in the article.

Finally, we knew that our list would not be valid if we left out the findings of notable journalists in the CBD industry, verified customer reviews, and the published thoughts of CBD experts.

Our Criteria:

As we cut down our list of CBD oil brands, we specifically looked at the following:

  • How good each brand was at tackling issues stemming from sleep disturbances and insomnia, as well as other health conditions.
  • Where the hemp for the brand’s products was sourced from.
  • How is the hemp processed? Where does the extraction process take place? Is the brand following the strict guidelines set up by the FDA?
  • Are the products full-spectrum, CBD isolate, or broad-spectrum?
  • Are the THC levels of the products less than 0.3 percent? By law, all full-spectrum CBD products must contain less than 0.3% THC.
  • Does the brand use an independent third-party lab to regularly test all of its products? Does the brand value transparency by making it easy for customers to read those results?
  • Are there any dosage and usage instructions given to customers at the time of purchase?
  • We wanted to know what the brand’s overall reputation was based on verified customer reviews and CBD industry reviews.
  • Does the brand give its customers solid information on what CBD is, how it works, and what the benefits are to using CBD?

Once we looked at all of these criteria, we confidently came up with our final brand listing for the best CBD oil for sleep and insomnia.

Best CBD Oil for Sleep and Insomnia

Courtesy of The CBD Break

#1 FAB CBD Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

The team at FAB CBD has been working hard since the brand’s inception in 2017 to make top-quality CBD products available to everyone. Everyone at FAB has experience in the health, fitness, and nutrition industries, which means that their knowledge positively influences and contributes to its highly-rated products.

FAB has an ever-expanding product line, but currently has a solid line of full-spectrum CBD oil in different strengths and flavors, CBD gummies, a topical CBD cream, CBD dog treats, and a line of CBD-free superfoods.

FAB’s products begin with the cultivation and harvesting of organic Colorado-grown hemp before using the industry-preferred clean Co2 extraction process to obtain its extracts. In staying with its strict high-standard manufacturing process, the brand ensures that all of its products are clean and full of health-boosting terpenes and beneficial CBD cannabinoids.


FAB is most certainly the top pick for the best CBD oil for sleep and insomnia for reasons including:

Top-rated Full-Spectrum Oils: FAB’s full-spectrum CBD oil comes in strengths of 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg, and 2400mg in citrus, original, mint, berry, and vanilla flavors.

Variety: FAB has an exciting line of products including CBD oils, CBD gummies, topical CBD cream, non-CBD green superfoods, and CBD dog treats.

Organic Hemp Sources: FAB sources, cultivates, and extracts its organic hemp from Colorado using state-of-the-art cloning and extraction methods and equipment.

Independent third-party lab testing: The brand utilizes Pro-Verde Laboratories to test all of its products. FAB believes in transparency, and thus, makes it very easy for customers to read its lab results.

Solid Money-Back Guarantee: FAB allows its customers to return products within 30 days in order to be eligible to receive the brand’s 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Clean, delicious full-spectrum CBD oils in many strengths and flavors
  • Excellent customer service
  • Also Voted #1 for CBD Oil for Anxiety
  • Voted #1 CBD Gummies
  • Products tested by an independent third-party lab
  • Quick shipping of products
  • Orders over $89 receive free shipping


  • No shipping to Canada or the UK
  • No auto-ship options or memberships available for returning customers

You can get the Fab CBD Oils here

#2 Premium Jane

Everyone at Premium Jane firmly believes in the health benefits that CBD has to offer. They strive to put forth the purest, safest, and most effective products in the CBD industry. Likewise, Premium Jane works diligently to educate the public about CBD’s beneficial, health-boosting properties.

The brand is based out of Scottsdale, AZ, and consists of agricultural experts, farmers, biologists, chemists, and marketing directors. Premium Jane sources its regulated industrial hemp from a supply that’s tested for solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, microbes, and chemical fertilizers.


Selection: Premium Jane offers a variety of products including CBD oils, topicals, and gummies.

Team of Experts: The brand’s team of experts helps ensure quality control.

Transparency: Premium Jane makes its third-party lab results readily available to all of its customers.

Coupon Codes: The brand regularly offers discount codes on its products so that its customers can save on buying their favorite products.


  • Large team of experts on staff
  • 100% organic hemp
  • Large range of products including oils, gummies, and topicals
  • Affordable prices
  • Offers discount coupon codes


  • No vape products offered

#3 Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web started with a mission to make both the planet and the people better. As such, the brand strives to be a leader in the CBD industry through its production of high-quality products and its adherence to safety and consistency.

In order to further its mission, Charlotte’s Web partners with other philanthropic organizations to help better the planet.


Top-quality CBD Oils: Charlotte’s Web sells potent, quality CBD oils.

Quality Hemp: The brand sources its organic hemp from Colorado.

Lab Reports: Charlotte’s Web allows customers to view lab reports on its website.


  • High-quality CBD oils
  • Non-GMO hemp grown in Oregon
  • Veteran discounts
  • Additive-free and dye-free oils
  • Family-run business
  • Large product variety
  • Free shipping throughout the US


  • Limited potencies in the brand’s pet products

#4 CBDistillery

CBDistillery is on a mission to lead the CBD movement by providing customers with quality products and education through industry research and verified customer reviews. The brand, founded in 2016, considers itself to be one of the largest, fastest-growing, and cost-effective brands on the market.

CBDistillery crafts a wide range of products including CBD oils, gummies, vapes, topicals, powders, and softgels among others. The brand continues to make a large impact on social media platforms.


Affordable Products: CBDistillery offers variety packs so customers can sample multiple products.

Large Product Range:: CBDistillery offers CBD oils, e-liquids, CBD pet products, topical creams, capsules, and more.

Discounts: The brand offers coupon codes.


  • High-quality CBD isolate
  • Full-spectrum oils
  • Affordable prices
  • Unique products including a CBD suppository


  • Not too much imagination shown in product packaging

#5 Purekana

Purekana wants to lead the industry in making high-quality hemp products accessible to the CBD marketplace. The brand also strives to educate the world about the benefits of hemp extract.

The brand is based out of Scottsdale, AZ, and offers a variety of affordable products crafted from hemp-derived CBD. Purekana sells CBD capsules, beverage enhancers, topical salves, edibles, vape devices, CBD pet treats, and more.


Quality Full-Spectrum Oils: Purekana sells a line of smooth-tasting full-spectrum CBD oils.

Testing: Purekana uses ProVerde Laboratories for all its third-party testing.

Return Policy: Products are accepted for return under a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Products crafted from organic Kentucky hemp
  • Third-party lab testing results available
  • Flavored products
  • High-quality full-spectrum CBD oils
  • Cruelty-free manufacturing process
  • High potency oils
  • Pesticide-free and herbicide-free oils


  • Products tend to be on the expensive side
Courtesy of The CBD Break

What You Should Know When Purchasing CBD Oils for Sleep and Insomnia

CBD has risen in popularity over the last few years. Because of this, there has been a massive influx of CBD brands throughout the industry. While it may be exciting to have so many options, many potential customers simply do not realize that not all CBD brands are created equal.

When making a decision to purchase a CBD oil for sleep and insomnia, you should also consider:

  • Where the brand gets its hemp from. What some consumers don’t know is that hemp from Europe and Asia are not regulated in the same way that hemp from the US is.
  • What is the percentage of THC in a product? Legally, all CBD products sold within the United States must, by law, have less than 0.3% THC in them.
  • Discern the differences between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate products. Full-spectrum products are highly preferred because of the great number of health benefits they contain through their concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids.
  • Read closely what is inside a brand’s products. Sadly, some brands will use synthetic flavors and additives in their products that are not healthy and could potentially cause more health issues over time. Always purchase products that are certified organic and that are organic.
  • Make it a point to purchase products from brands that use an independent third-party lab to regularly test its products. Likewise, also make sure that the brand makes those test results easy for customers to obtain.

How Much CBD Oil Makes the Best Dose?

People who are new to CBD oil typically have the same question: How much CBD oil will be the perfect dose? Unlike most holistic supplements and prescription medications, with CBD, there is never one perfect dose for everyone. Since everyone’s body responds to CBD differently, there will be a different dose for each individual.

The best way to go about dosing CBD is to begin low and slowly increase the amount over time. Most new CBD users falsely believe that higher doses are the best way to go about it. This simply isn’t so. When starting out with CBD, the benefit of medium-range doses far outperforms higher and lower doses when you are talking about effectiveness.

Beginners should begin by taking 5mg of CBD once a day for seven to ten days. If you don’t feel as if you are noticing any improvements, slowly start to increase the dose. Stay with the new dose for another seven to ten days. Going slow will give your body an opportunity to adjust to both the CBD as well as the dose.

An example of how to go about it the right way would be to start with a ½ dropper (5mg) of FAB full-spectrum CBD oil in 300mg once a day. After seven to ten days have elapsed, increase the dose if you feel you need to by giving yourself a ½ dropper twice a day to equal 10mg. You can feel free to repeat this routine until you feel you’re getting the desired effects.

Courtesy of The CBD Break

How CBD Oil Helps Increase Sleep and Lessen Insomnia

There are a host of solid studies out there that prove CBD’s effectiveness in helping with sleep issues and insomnia. Likewise, many who regularly use CBD can attest to the compound’s power in helping to alleviate insomnia while encouraging restful sleep.

Insomnia can be caused by many different things. Some of the more common causes of sleep disturbances and insomnia are:

CBD oil helps to manage and treat insomnia in many different ways. Most surprisingly is the fact that it can promote wakefulness by fighting grogginess. Likewise, a 2017 study discovered that CBD was effective in reducing daytime sleepiness associated with REM sleep behavior disorder.

While smaller doses of CBD can help with staying awake and fighting grogginess, higher doses have been found to promote sleep. Again, it all depends on how your body will react to certain doses of CBD, as finding the correct dose is mostly trial and error.

When it comes to trying to alleviate insomnia and treat sleep issues, CBD is a great help. It also helps, however, to set yourself up for a restful night’s sleep to begin with.

Some things you can try to help get better, more restful sleep are:

  1. Give yourself ample time to wind down before bed. This means shutting off all screens and dimming the lights.
  2. Have something in place to help channel any stress, anxiety, or depression. For example, journaling or going to counseling can be a great way to help manage the conditions that cause insomnia and other sleep disturbances.
  3. Try to train your body to go to sleep and wake up at a regular time. Having a sleep routine is of utmost importance in successfully getting a good night’s sleep.
  4. Use CBD oil each night as a means to help you get to and stay asleep.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects Associated With CBD Oil?

CBD is a wonderful way to naturally and safely help manage sleep issues and calm insomnia. Indeed, CBD has been proven much safer than using prescription sleeping pills because it has very few side effects. Moreover, the side effects associated with CBD are minor at best.

Some noted minor side effects of CBD include diarrhea, dizziness, low blood pressure, mood changes, and changes in appetite. If you have concerns about beginning a CBD oil regimen, then it’s best to discuss any questions or concerns over with your sleep specialist or primary care physician.

Summing it Up: Should You Use CBD Oil for Sleep

A great deal of Americans suffer from sleep issues and insomnia. Since CBD’s rise in popularity, many who struggle with sleep disturbances have been turning toward CBD as a safe, effective, natural alternative to dangerous prescription sleeping medication to get a restful night’s sleep.

There are many different types of CBD products available for purchase today. Likewise, there is an astoundingly large number of CBD brands that have flooded the market. In deciding to go with a specific brand and a particular CBD oil, research will always be your best guide. If you are unsure of where to begin your search, then this article is a solid start.

While FAB CBD is our clear choice for a top-rated full-spectrum CBD oil to help with sleep and insomnia, Premium Jane came in as a very close and respectable second. Once you have done the research and have settled on a brand and oil, be sure to begin your CBD oil regimen by starting low and increasing slowly.

Finally, after you’ve set yourself up for a good night’s sleep, your choice of full-spectrum CBD oil will be the icing on the cake. Not only will CBD oil help quell sleep issues associated with insomnia, but you will also be getting all of the other health benefits associated with the terpenes and cannabinoids within full-spectrum CBD oils.

Why suffer another sleepless night? The time to start getting your best night’s sleep is now.


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