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Five Ways Texas Trees Foundation Creates Healthy Spaces in Your Community

The Texas Trees Foundation has been busy planting trees and improving the quality of life in our communities.
By The Texas Trees Foundation |

The Texas Trees Foundation (TTF) understands the importance of outdoor spaces and how they are essential for the well-being of North Texas communities, which is why the organization is busy safely planting trees and creating fun, healthy and cool spaces.

Read about the five ways the organization is improving the quality of life in communities across North Texas:

1. Teaching North Texas youth.

During the school year, Texas Trees Foundation’s Cool Schools program connects students, teachers, and faculty to the environment through tree plantings, STEM-based curriculum, and by providing safe outdoor spaces for public use. Until then, the organization has created free educational scavenger hunts on its website to get people of all ages outside and learning while following CDC guidelines.

2. Reforesting after severe weather.

Texas Trees Foundation’s Urban Foresters educate North Texas communities on the importance of trees and work to reforest landscapes after severe weather. After the October 20th tornado that devastated parts of North Dallas, TTF launched a platform on its website for individuals to learn the value of their lost or damaged trees. The organization will also be releasing post-storm online educational resources for residents in the area beginning the last week of April.

3. Reducing Dallas’ Urban Heat Island.

Leaders in environmental research, Texas Trees Foundation’s Urban Heat Island Mitigation Study revealed that Dallas is heating up faster than almost every city in the U.S. TTF’s Urban Forest Master Plan for Dallas will provide a roadmap to grow the city’s tree canopy, reduce the urban heat island and maximize overall energy usage; this will help to develop a greener, cleaner and healthier North Texas.

4. Creating a healthy environment

Texas Trees Foundation convened leaders to support the streetscape redesign of the Southwestern Medical District with trees, green infrastructure, and improved sidewalks. This sustainable design will help to reduce stress, urban heat, clean our air, and provide a safer, healthier environment for all.

5. Improving North Texas for future generations.

The Texas Trees Foundation continues to protect the urban forest, increase tree diversity, preserve urban wildlife habitats, bring communities together, and leave a legacy of safe outdoor spaces for future generations to enjoy.

Join Texas Trees Foundation’s mission to build a new, green legacy for North Texas by donating to the organization on May 5th during North Texas Giving Tuesday.

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