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Wellness in the Workplace

The value of a culture of wellness in a competitive employment market.
By ORCHARD at the Office |
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Recently, Forbes magazine named Dallas the most competitive job market in the United States. To attract the best possible applicants, your workplace needs to utilize every competitive edge it can find. Once upon a time, this was all bundled as a “benefit package” including anything and everything from financial incentives to free parking. These days, however, some of the most important perks of the job can be the intangibles.

Workplace Culture: The True Advantage

In recent years, new terms such as “work/life balance” and “corporate culture” have become key decision-making factors in prospective employees choosing where to work. In a nutshell, quality of life matters. In a blog post, Culture IQ notes that the office climate impacts everything – including a company’s bottom line. Retention (and therefore turnover) are reflected in how happy the staff is. A positive workplace is a productive workplace; it behooves every company, of every size, to consider how they’re allocating resources toward their workplace culture. And this goes beyond a wall of pinball machines and “free pizza Fridays”. Ergonomic workspaces, opportunity for advancement, and company diversity all factor into culture. Practicing what you preach is of the utmost importance.

Wellness in the Workplace

There is a whole slew of studies supporting the link between office-driven health initiatives and productivity…and there are, similarly, a number of studies directly linking healthy snacks and happiness in the workplace. Investing in the health of one’s staff not only makes one attractive to potential employees, but helps one retain existing staffers, who are willing and able to do their best.

There are a number of ways to create a culture of wellness, as previous posts have established. Make healthy choices easy by offering your staff nutritious options while saving them a trip to the corner store. Of course, the way we endorse is office snack delivery from ORCHARD At The OFFICE! Our business has provided fresh fruit to offices throughout Texas for years, and we’ve added the Orchard Snack Box to deliver even more healthy snack options for your staff, from KIND Bars to bean chips! There’s something for everyone with ORCHARD At The OFFICE. Give us a call today at 972.295.9091 and get started creating your culture of wellness in the workplace!

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