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Faces of Neuropathy: Advanced Nerve and Health Center

Every great product, service, or company has an interesting story, and that story is best told by the people behind its success. Learn more about Dr. Thai's team.

“Neuropathy. So many people have it, and there is no answer using medications or surgery,” says Dr. Bao Thai, known around the Dallas area as The Nerve Guy. His unique specialty of neuropathy and approach to patient care set him apart in the treatment of neuropathy. He and his staff are regarded among the best in the country for treating neuropathy. “There’s no way the nerve will repair or regenerate through typical treatments, such as TENS units or steroid injections,” Dr. Thai says. “Many of our patients have experienced numerous failed treatments elsewhere, spending a lot of money for zero results. We take a different approach.”

Dr. Thai taps into the body’s natural ability to repair damaged nerves and tissues through Natural Nerve Regeneration Treatment. “We use lasers and other equipment to stimulate the nerves to repair themselves,” Dr. Thai says. “Our methodologies are proprietary and have provided real results to thousands of patients.”

Pain from neuropathy can manifest itself in many ways, affecting how someone walks, their balance, and ability to stand for long periods of time. “Many patients with neuropathy end up using a walker or wheelchair when the problem has never been properly addressed,” Dr. Thai says. “It stops your life.”

Dr. Thai listens to his patients and considers everything that could be affecting their neuropathy. “This can range from circulation issues and nutrition to diabetes and spinal problems. You must look at the body as a whole to find a sustainable solution. Our goal is to help patients regain their quality of life and do the things they enjoy, pain free.”

Dr. Thai earned his doctorate in Dallas and continues to learn new neuropathy processes in Europe and Asia. He has earned numerous awards, including the Pain Innovations Award from Harvard University. Says Dr. Thai, “I tell patients to have faith in what we do; we will not let you down.”

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