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Face of Private Security: Lance Burton

Every great product, service, or company has an interesting story, and that story is best told by the people behind its success. Learn more about Hawkstorm Global.

In the world of private security and investigations,  it pays to hire the bestpeople who have spent their lives building the knowledge, experience, and training required to handle anything, no matter how complex or dangerous. Enter Hawkstorm Global, a company doing work that most people only dream about from watching movies. Weapons and tactics, FBI-level private investigations, crisis management, elite training, and security operations in faraway lands. Only for Hawkstorm Global, this is no dream; it’s real life.

The Dallas-based company Hawkstorm Global comprises professionals from former FBI special agents and elite special operations veterans to Department of State diplomatic security services personnel. HSG provides a level of expertise normally reserved for governments, heads of state, or other political figures. All team members undergo a rigorous vetting, helping to ensure the pinnacle of quality is maintained.

“We are like a life insurance policy,” explains president and CEO Lance Burton, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and former naval officer and FBI special agent. “You don’t wait until you get into an accident to get car insurance, and you don’t get it because you got into accidents before. You get it because you might get into an accident tomorrow.”

Beyond executive protection work, or bodyguard work, Hawkstorm Global can assist with security or investigative-based solutions—anything from maritime defense and anti-piracy for a yacht or commercial shipping vessel to protection of oil fields, mining operations, and corporate headquarters. Other service options include direct consulting on improving security procedures or personnel and providing on-site training to increase your security personnel’s level of expertise. In a recent case, Hawkstorm Global’s private investigative work saved a client from a $12 million judgement, which could have ruined them financially. Hawkstorm Global stands ready to ensure you, your family, and your company are kept safe from any threat.

HawkstoRm Global

1700 Pacific Boulevard Dallas, Texas 75201

214.885.0681  |  Twitter/IG: Hawkstorm773


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