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Face of Farm-to-Table Food: Celebration Restaurant, Catering & Market

Every great product, service, or company has an interesting story, and that story is best told by the people behind its success. Learn more about Celebration Restaurant.

It’s always nice for a business to be able to claim it is the neighborhood’s version of the television show, Cheers—where everybody knows your name. This is exactly how longtime customers describe Celebration Restaurant, serving fresh, homestyle, farm-to-table meals since 1971 with a heaping side of friendly service. Through hard work, long nights, and countless pans of mashed potatoes, founder Ed Lowe successfully reimagined the meals his mom used to make to create a familiar place for family and friends to gather. Lowe’s relationship with local farmers was organic, and he was always interested in procuring the best possible products so he could serve good food to good people. This passion has been passed along to the staff and president, Shannon Lindley, who has been with Celebration since 2006.

“Celebration was serving fresh, local vegetables before it was a trend in Dallas,” Lindley says. “Our local products have become the trademark of who we are, along with family-style servings. Although we have grown, the focus on fresh, seasonal, and sustainably sourced delicious food has never changed.” Celebration’s clean menu has introduced products to Dallas that benefit personal health and support the ecological health of the environment—yes, even the popular meatloaf and chicken-fried steak. It takes a “No Antibiotics Ever” approach, and most dishes have no artificial preservatives. Lindley says, “The relationship we have created with local farmers is special. They are picking fruits and vegetables from their land and delivering them directly to us.”

Lindley also feels fortunate to have such great relationships with customers—many regulars have been coming to Celebration since it first opened the doors. Celebration is looking forward to celebrating its 50th anniversary in March 2021. The Celebration family is grateful for the loyalty of its customers and the opportunity to serve the community as Dallas’ Original Farm-to-Table Restaurant.

Pictured: Shannon Lindley, President

4503 W. Lovers Lane  |  Dallas, Texas 75209

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