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6 Tips for Flu Relief

Flu season is in full swing. See home remedies for children.

Symptoms of the flu can include sore throat, muscle aches, congestion, fever, chills and fatigue. If your child is feeling sick, help them feel better by encouraging rest and keeping them hydrated. You can also try these kid-friendly flu home remedies to give relief:

• Consider using a cool-mist humidifier to soothe an irritated or sore throat.
• Only for children older than 1 year, give a teaspoon of honey prior to brushing their teeth to help with a nighttime cough. See more cough remedies for kids.
• For children who are too young to blow their nose, use a bulb suction to remove mucus.
• Encourage your child to breathe in moist, warm water vapors from a shower or bath to loosen mucus.
• Avoid giving cough and cold medications to kids. Learn why these medications are not recommended for young children.
• For children over 6 months old, give your child plenty of warm fluids.

Some symptoms of the flu in kids warrant medical attention. Learn when to call the doctor and when to visit the ER for the flu. You can also learn when your child should take Tamiflu to relieve symptoms.


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