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5 Things to Check When Gifting Toys this Holiday Season

Prevent toy-related injuries with our holiday toy safety checklist.

Did you know that toys result in hundreds of thousands of injuries each year for children? Follow these safety tips when choosing toys this gift-giving season.

1. Check for choking hazards
Small children tend to put objects in their mouths, making toys with small parts choking hazards. One quick tip to remember: If an object can fit into an empty toilet paper roll, it can be choked on.

2. Be cautious with batteries
Batteries are made with chemicals that can be deadly, and as electronic devices get slimmer, more contain tiny button batteries. Make sure toys that have batteries are secure so the batteries cannot come loose.

3. Ride safely
If you buy a riding toy for a child of any age, make sure you also buy a helmet and knee and elbow pads. Children younger than 8 years old should be closely supervised, and they should ride toys only on dry, flat surfaces, away from traffic.

4. Help prepare toys for children
A lot of toys are packaged with small parts, tags or string. Many of these parts can be easily swallowed or cause a hazard. Do not leave it up to young children to unpackage their own toys.

5. Pay attention to toy labels and age recommendations
Reading the labels and instructions on toys can help indicate whether they are the right option for a child. If you are buying for a child under 14, make sure the age of the child you are buying for is within the recommended range listed on the toy packaging.

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