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4 Hidden Spots for Holiday Germs

‘Tis the season for coughs and sniffles. See how to stay healthy.

Presents are not the only thing hiding during the holiday season. With travel, parties, family and shopping, germs often show up uninvited to spread illnesses that can put a damper on holiday fun.

See places and activities that can carry an increased risk for germs, and how you can help keep your family healthy this holiday season.

1. Family gatherings
There’s nothing better than spending time with people you love. However, if you are nursing a cold or recovering from an illness, hold off on the hugs. Likewise, if a relative mentions they have been sick, politely keep your child at a distance.

One of the best defenses against sharing and picking up germs is the easiest one – practicing good hand hygiene. Encourage your child to wash their hands properly by lathering soap for at least 20 seconds. Suggest they sing a song while they wash! Hand sanitizer is another great option, especially if you are on the go.

2. Travel
Travel takes an uptick over the holidays, and germs love to hitch a ride. Germs don’t restrict themselves to just the enclosed area of a plane, car or train, either. They hang out in places like bathrooms, doorknobs, handrails, ticket kiosks and security bins in airports, rest areas and gas stations along the way. Make sure everyone in your family gets their flu shot before you hit the road.

See more common places for holiday germs and tips to stay healthy.


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