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Five Simple Ways to Refresh Your Guest Room for the Holidays

Welcome guests with personal touches, serene accents, and a hotel-quality bed.

Think local. Help guests get acquainted to DFW by incorporating local details. Set out snacks or candy from your favorite neighborhood shops or start the mornings with Dallas-blended coffee or tea. Offer a copy of the latest issue of a regional magazine. You can even decorate with a print of the city skyline, a piece by your favorite local artist, or a stylized map of the city.

Add greenery. Brighten up your guest room with greenery. Studies suggest that live indoor plants can purify the air and may also have calming properties to help you get in a restful state of mind before bed. No green thumb? No problem. Try a vase of fresh-cut flowers or a faux plant on a nightstand.

Consider your colors. Create a peaceful environment by choosing soft, tranquil colors like earth tones, cool neutrals, and blues. A 2013 study suggests that blue-hued bedrooms are ideal settings for quality sleep. If you rent (or want to skip the hassle of painting walls), you can incorporate color through bed linens, wall art, or other decorative accents.

Hotel touches. Guests will appreciate a well-stocked room that includes the comforts of home. Provide ample space to unpack, whether it’s a vacant dresser or closet (and make sure to include plenty of hangers). Spruce up an empty corner with an accent chair for a place to sit and unwind. Create a spa-like atmosphere in your guest bath with mini soaps and lotions, a hairdryer, and extra towels. Feeling extra hospitable? Pick up fluffy robes or slippers to gift your guests.

Make it cozy. Is there anything better than a luxurious, high-end hotel bed? The fluffy duvets, a plethora of pillows, and super-supportive mattresses create a space to relax after a long day. Recreate a hotel bed with soft sheets, several sizes of pillows, extra blankets, and a solid sleeping foundation. For a high-impact guest room update, invest in a new mattress.

Choosing a mattress isn’t as daunting as you might think. For the young (or young at heart) who like to turn in early and wake up ready to face the day, we suggest Early Bird: this brand’s options are crafted to promote restful sleep and extra temperature regulation. For health and wellness lovers, Renue is your perfect match; copper infusion can help with recovery after a hard workout, and copper also naturally inhibits germs. For a one-size-fits-all option, try a USA-crafted mattress by American Bedding or a cost-effective mattress from SleepInc.

The week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the perfect time to score a mattress. Take advantage of the savings offered and upgrade your own bed while you’re at it—after all, hosting guests for the holidays is hard work, and you’ll need quality sleep too.

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