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5 Tips for Healthier Holiday Eating

Keep your family's health in mind during the holiday season.

Did you know that on average, people gain 1-3 pounds during the six weeks from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day? The festivities and treats of the holiday season can make it difficult to maintain healthy habits.

Here are a few simple tips to help your family enjoy the season in a healthy way:

1. Keep normal eating patterns
During school breaks, it can be easy for your child’s routine to get off-track. If your child usually eats three meals a day and snacks, try to keep that schedule consistent.

2. Concentrate on portions
Keep portions small, eat slowly and pay attention to your body. For many, the holidays are synonymous with overindulgence. Remember to honor your fullness cues and stop eating when full, yet still feeling comfortable. See more tricks to avoid overeating.

3. Offer plenty of vegetables with holiday meals
Choosing high-fiber foods and more vegetable-based dishes can help reduce the number of calories you consume during the holidays.

4. Capitalize on the food preparation process
The holidays can be the perfect time to include your kids in cooking. Having kids help with meal preparation can teach them about healthier substitutions.

5. Take the time to organize family activity
Adding physical activity into your holiday is a good way to keep up healthy habits and enjoy quality time together as a family. Plan a post-meal walk around the neighborhood or a visit to the park.

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