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What Parents Should Know About Vaping

Learn the facts about e-cigarettes and your child’s health.

Over the past decade, vaping has skyrocketed in popularity, especially among high school students. Many people use e-cigarettes as a substitute for traditional cigarettes because they do not contain tobacco. However, studies are revealing that vaping is not as safe as many may think.

David Atkinson, M.D., Medical Director of the Teen Recovery Program at Children’s Health℠ and Associate Professor at UT Southwestern, explains that while vaping doesn’t expose users to tobacco, it can still cause nicotine addiction. Nicotine is a chemical that can affect neurological health, especially in teens whose brains are still developing.

“Many years ago, nicotine addiction was considered less of a problem and not as risky as smoking tobacco,” says Dr. Atkinson. “However, people with nicotine addiction are frequently anxious and depressed, have less of an ability to concentrate without the drug, have less patience and feel worse than their peers.”

In addition to nicotine, e-cigarettes and vaping cartridges can also contain a number of chemicals and toxins that can lead to respiratory problems.

Learn more about the health risks of vaping and how to talk to your child.


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