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Charter a Bus for a Day Trip to Six Flags Over Texas

Rent a motorcoach from Dallas Charter Bus Company to experience the thrilling coasters at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington.

Whether you’re celebrating graduation, your birthday or your upcoming wedding, you can treat all of your friends to an unforgettable day at Six Flags Over Texas. Call Dallas Charter Bus Company at (214) 396-2444 and book a minibus for 18, 20 or 25 people. Larger buses can accommodate up to 56, and every bus includes WiFi and TVs to keep your group entertained during the drive to Arlington.

If you’re a DC fan, you won’t want to miss BATMAN™ The Ride, HARLEY QUINN Spinsanity, or JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis. Little ones can board gentler rides like El Aserradero and Mini Mine Train. Six Flags also frequently hosts local bands, and if you’re lucky enough to visit during September or October, you’ll find half a dozen creepy Halloween shows.

After an exhausting day at the theme park, nothing feels better than leaning back in a reclining chair on an air-conditioned bus. Our buses for 25 or more people also include power outlets and DVD players at each seat so you can charge your phone and watch Wonder Woman yet again.

Need more reasons to consider a charter bus for your Six Flags trip? Groups of 10-99 people receive a discount if they book their tickets in advance, and parking is $30 per car or per bus. You read that right—by taking a bus, you could pay $30 once instead of 25 or 50 times.

Call Dallas Charter Bus Company at (214) 396-2444 and treat your graduating class, your wedding party or your best friends to a day of roller coasters, Looney Tunes, and water rides. After all, the best part of a theme park day isn’t screaming your throat raw or spinning until you’re dizzy—it’s the people you get to scream and spin with.


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