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What is an Adaptive Leader?

There comes a point in any new leader’s career where transition or disruption force us to ask the question: What is next?

As a new manager, Joyce Lamilla, Business Development Specialist at Ben E. Keith, was in search of additional leadership skills as she stepped into a new role.  Joyce knew her schedule would not permit the dedication required of an advanced degree program, but she knew she needed “something.”

Similarly, after spending several years in a management role, Stacy League, Senior Director of Proposals at AAR, was ready for a new opportunity of learning. Not wanting to engage with just another “off-the-shelf” self-help product, she sought out an innovative program that helped her think differently.

What both of these individuals found was an opportunity to learn from industry professionals and dedicated faculty in a three-day, comprehensive program known as “The Adaptive Leader” at the Neeley School of Business at TCU.

What is an Adaptive Leader?

Adaptive Leaders think creatively and flexibly to enable their organizations to succeed in today’s fast-changing world and tomorrow’s unpredictable business landscape. They are lifelong learners who are resilient enough to overcome obstacles and setbacks and bold enough to challenge the status quo and conventional wisdom.

After completing The Adaptive Leader program at TCU Neeley Executive Education, both Joyce and Stacy were provided with skills they could put into practice immediately. Learn more about the Adaptive Leader program and why it might be that exact “something” you are looking for.


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