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The Best of Big D…on Instagram

Appreciating the Uniqueness of Dallas via Social Media

ORCHARD At The OFFICE, the largest office fruit delivery service in Texas, offers these accounts as “online guides”: windows to the stately, colorful world of Dallas.

  1. @kevinhannphoto. This is a fairly obvious, and popular, choice. Kevin Hann is a professional, so his images of downtown (with emphasis on light and motion) are a great visual ambassador to the city.
  2. @stagethyme. A local man with an eye for urban art in Dallas with an account that blends the objective and subjective. He’ll nearly always complement his posts with folk lyrics or stanzas of classic poetry.
  3. @dallaspublicartfund. A focus on the sculptures throughout Dallas we may at times take for granted.
  4. @patientguitar. While somewhat varied, this account often focuses on the outer layers – and inner workings – of DFW.
  5. @d_magazine. Of course, it’s only fair to mention this one! If this account were merely for promotion we’d have left it off the list. There’s a real aesthetic at play, so whether the pictures are for an upcoming event, the latest trendy bistro, or the newest publication, it’s a great addition to any feed.
  6. @downtown_dallas. Run in an office on the top floor of the iconic Bank of America building. While it sometimes gets lost in the weeds of trying to be an influencer account, the fact that it shares a lot of “best of” content from average citizens utilizing the #mydtd take makes this a worthwhile follow.
  7. @lovesdfw. Professional photographer Ben Zavala has the ability to find drama in the play of light on our skyline. Annual calendars of his work are available.
  8. @djjoec. Another photographer with professional chops, Joe Cartia often – but not exclusively – uses the Bank of America Building as a point of focus or reference, bringing a sense of continuity to visions of downtown Dallas.
  9. @visit_dallas. It stands to reason that the official Instagram account for our city’s tourism board would be loaded with fantastic images of our fine land!
  10. @orchardattheoffice. We focus, not just on images of the fresh fruit we supply to Dallas offices, but capturing a sense of our city and what makes it great. As always, we keep it fun!

ORCHARD At The OFFICE can be contacted at 972.295.9091 or at [email protected]


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