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Why Dallas Prefers Pella Windows Over All Others

And what makes their new innovation updates the right fit for your home.

As we’ve mentioned before, replacing the windows in your home comes with a multitude of benefits that enhance the wellbeing of your home and your family. The two most important are the lessening of sound from that beautiful, bustling city just outside and the energy efficiency boost you get from replacing those old single pane aluminum dinosaurs, not to mention they’ll just look better. And it turns out that the fine folks of Dallas already know which windows do this best. According to a recent third-party study that focused on window purchases in the Dallas area, we well-informed, ahead-of-the-curve residents prefer Pella Windows over all other brands. Pella, being a nearly 100-year-old company, has been with us a long time and over those years has certainly found a welcoming home in Dallas.

We spoke with David Moore, General Manager of Marketing and Business Development at Pella Windows & Doors, and asked what makes the company so attractive to Dallas. On top of the outstanding service that cares for each client from conception to completion, Pella windows are at the forefront of the industry when it comes to innovation in new window technology. I know, window technology isn’t something that normally comes across your newsfeed, but if you own a home, it’s a valuable aspect of one of the most important features you live with. The two areas where innovation helps improve windows is in sound and energy efficiency. Yep, those two super important benefits are back. We are a driving city and we are a hot city. Let your windows work for you. Perhaps you finally got junior down for a nap after an hour of cajoling and suddenly the entire neighborhood decides to go for a drive. Top-of-line, new windows may just help keep your baby asleep and your sanity intact.

In the hands of the experienced Pella professionals, you’re sure to land on the right choice to fit your style, comfort and budget.

And with all that love from Dallas, Pella still wants to make more improvements. This is where their new Lifestyle Series comes into play. Available in an array of wood finishes and six different hardware finishes, the customization possibilities are plentiful. They also come with a wide variety of grille patterns to dial in your look. But beyond just looking good, the new Lifestyle Series comes with optional built-in security sensors that can be monitored from anywhere and are virtually invisible. On top of increased energy efficiency, Pella has managed to significantly improve the reduction of sound. Like whoa. You’ll be nestled so snuggly in the privacy of your own personal oasis that the world will simply fall away.

It’s not only Dallas that loves Pella. A recent review by Consumer Reports rated three of Pella’s series of windows as excellent buys, which is their highest recommendation. It seems that the writing is on the wall. The new Lifestyle Series is now the 7th series in the family of windows that Pella offers plus an additional four series of entry doors. We hope you don’t suffer from choice paralysis but as we’ve learned from our history with Pella, in the hands of the experienced Pella professionals, you’re sure to land on the right choice to fit your style, comfort and budget. Dallas knows best. Check Pella out at


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