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This Hill Country Ranch Offers Nearly 6,000 Acres of Rolling Hills, Winding Rivers, and Big Texas Skies

Head south to find an idyllic escape from city life.

150 miles southwest of Dallas, in the Highland Lakes Region of the Texas Hill Country, lies a property brimming with opportunity. Brushy Mountain Ranch is a refuge from contemporary cities, a preserved bit of Texas that is wildly alive yet pristinely maintained.

The ranch boasts 5,689 acres of rolling green hills, extending to the horizon line and beyond. Lush trees and cacti blend together for a true Southwestern feel, and wildflowers bloom among the tall grass. The blue sky overhead feels impossibly big with no buildings to block it. Brushy Mountain has an average elevation of 1,463 feet, allowing for unparalleled views from every angle. “[This ranch] is a true representation of what is known as the Texas Hill Country,” says Jared Walker, the Compass South agent representing the property.

Brushy Mountain enjoys over two miles of frontage on the Colorado River, and Deer Creek, one of the river’s tributaries, snakes through the property. Deep and still in some places, it beckons boaters and fishers alike. In other areas, it’s shallow, perfect for ATVs or crossing on foot or horseback.

The creek is abundant with wildlife—birds ruffle the surface at dawn, and fish swim in the depths below. The entire ranch, too, houses a plethora of animals. Nearly 1,700 acres are dedicated to wildlife conservation, dedicated in part to protecting a few rare species of birds. Visitors will also find deer, turkeys, hogs, doves, quail, and ducks roaming free. An established conservation bank helps provide for the animals that call the ranch home.

This property doesn’t yet have a residence, but that’s an added bonus—buyers can select the perfect plot of land to put down roots and build a home (or homes) as simple or extravagant as they see fit. From a young family eager to start living a country life, to an older couple craving the ease and tranquility of total solitude, future residents will find an unrivaled refuge in Brushy Mountain Ranch. Says Walker, “This is a ranch that’ll stand the test of time for generations to come.”

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