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Interview with the Director of Strategy at Social Revolt

Ad 2 Dallas & AAF Dallas Social Spotlight: Jon Senterfitt

Where did you grow up?

Gainesville, FL – Go Gators!

Where did you get your degree?

I didn’t go to college because it wasn’t necessarily a good investment if you were in Web development. Back then, the foundations of the Web were not laid out in a degree track and experience trumped education in the dev world. However, I would consider aggregating all the online education I’ve done over the past 10 years to saying “online.”

What was your first job in the advertising industry?

I taught myself how to use design programs and build websites in high school, which led to a few freelance jobs. This helped me get a job at a marketing automation company, one of the first startups to hit Gainesville, FL.  I was the 4th hire in the company and my job was building email templates, service offering decks and a variety of graphics.

What makes Social Revolt different from other agencies?

Social Revolt is young, ambitious, and filled with opportunity for growth. Advertising isn’t static anymore. It’s not “push out a budget and see what happens,” it’s methodical. It takes a young mind to deal with the slew of tools that are being pushed into the market each day. It is not only collecting data but understanding its purpose and function within the entire customer journey. It takes people who are willing to pour over spreadsheets to build the right strategy

As Director of Strategy, how would you explain your job at Social Revolt?

My family, my girlfriend, and even I sometimes have a hard time comprehending what I do. This landscape and client challenges are constantly changing. Whether it be a membership program for a large gas station and how to tie in physical sales and couponing into actionable data streams for advertising or a 20-city activation of FB live campaigns for a specific cause, the fact remains the same – someone has an idea and they need to understand how to acquire, engage and convert users. My job is specifically identifying the why, how and what it takes to do that. Which leads to how we handle the when and where.

Can you share a project that you worked on this last year that you are extra proud of? And what was (if any) the biggest challenge to overcome with it?

Auditing a client company to identify tracking concerns, architecture concerns and missed opportunities for 4 weeks across all channels was incredible. Inaccuracy of data collection is what keeps me up at night, so this project was an incredible experience. We worked with ~8 teams, 2-4 stakeholders per team and, over the course of 4-6 months, we worked to ratify and grow their entire strategy for organic growth. You’re talking about going from 1 page to unlimited pages in unlimited languages, with a centralized system for managing that content, all with proper tracking and reporting in place.

Looking into 2019, in terms of strategy, what do you think brands will be doing differently or putting more emphasis on?

Physical world crossover to your digital strategy. More brands are looking to ensure dollars spent means business objectives. I think, gone are the days of solely brand objectives. We are in a time where data really does show the path to being successful. Next year will be an endless display of incredible technology meeting truly remarkable data experiences.

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